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can I recover lost files on a CD-R?


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30-Jan-2004, 02:12 PM #1
can I recover lost files on a CD-R?
Most of the time, when I add more files to a cd-r I've already put files on, it works fine. I used NTI 6Platinum.

Usually a box will come up when I start to put more on, asking if I'd like to load the first session and add these to it which is recommended. I've learned from experience if I don't do it this way only the CURRENT files I put on show on the cd after that and the original ones are "gone". I was never sure what the options meant, it doesn't say if you don't pick it (load previous session and add to it) you will lose everything already on the cd. I thought it just meant it was put on separate, in some way. But they'd all still be there.

Sometimes the box asking this doesn't come up and if I continue with it, only the ones from the current session show.

I've been keeping a running backup on MY PICTURES for over a year now (not always with NTI) and continually put in the latest cd (I'm up to #9) and add pictures to it (it will ask if I want to load the current files and add to it)

Today, I wanted to add 2 small video clips my daughter has been sending me to a cd I had started, that had 2 previous ones on it. They are quite small, MPEG (taken with her digital camera).

I had the 2 new ones on my desktop, and like to store this stuff on a cd to save room.

I put them on using NTI (NO box came up, asking if I'd like to load the previous session, but I thought this might be due to the type of files). I put them on and.... the two new ones doday are the only ones showing on the cd now!

I tried changing the setting to "show all files" and still nothing.

These aren't cd RW and the files all had different names (numbers). Since it's not a RW cd and program, and the files didn't have the same name (to write over) I am thinking they are still on the cd, just the names have disappeared?

If you are thinking I don't know much about cd burning and am easily confused by it, you're right!

I've heard of programs that will "recover" lost files, if they are still on the hardrive, is there something like this to use on cd-R disk, too?

It's not really important, though I had long ago deleted the origional little file clips that were lost on this cd. I'd just like to know about it. What I can do to get them back and WHY it does this?

I used to use HP Record Now, which came with my cd burner and this never happened. If there was something already on the cd a message came up stating this and asking "do you want to add this to it?"

But, NTI works much better and faster for other things and less error/speed error messsages with it.


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30-Jan-2004, 02:42 PM #2
Try IsoBuster for a start. Its shareware.

Using multi-session recording is always a gamble, as you have found. Any error in writing affects all files on the CD, not just the ones being added.

Given the low cost of CD-R, I never use multi-session

If the data is valuable enough to backup, its worth its own CD in my opinion.
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30-Jan-2004, 05:41 PM #3
this one is free for home use
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30-Jan-2004, 05:49 PM #4
I already had Isobuster (I once needed to open an ISO file my cd burner wouldn't change to burn) but didn't realize it was used for extracting files.

I figured it out (finally) and got the missing files back on my desktop and made a new CD with all of them on it (at the same time). I also put them back ON the one they had disappeared from.

As long as I use Record Now, it always says there is something else on the disk and do I want to ad more? I've never had any problem losing things with this.

I don't think cd-Rs are that inexpensive, plus the only place I can get them (except for ebay and ordering online and paying shipping) is Walmart which is in another State (I live in VT) So have to find someone going there, or who will go for me when I have the money. I get spindles of 50 for around $15. I make paper envelpopes for them from printer paper.

Do you know of a more inexpensive source? I don't want the cheapy ones (I think TDK is, going by their blank audio tapes) but generic brands would be okay, if they work. I've seen Staples brand on ebay, not as expensive, but never won an auction for them.

Aside from the cost, having one cd for each file I back up (or group, even few days, like my pictures) would create a storage problem. I have them (in paper envelpes) in small cardboard boxes now. Try to keep them together, in groups. I usually make 2 copies of the same CD and just ad more (pictures, downloads, programs, etc) as I go along. I've gotten into the habit of saving a download (like WIN MED Player9) which makes it faster and easier to put in again, if I need to.

Thanks, dai for the CD Check link. I don't really know much about cd burning, so far.

~ Carrie
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30-Jan-2004, 08:26 PM #5
FWIW, I feel if you're making backups, you should write ONCE to the media, and then put it away, never to be accessed again until you are going to overwrite it, discard it, or use it to restore the data. That being the case, I use DVD+RW disks for my backups, since I can erase them when their turn in the rotation comes up and reuse them.
Remember: Data you don't have at least two copies of is data you don't care about.
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31-Jan-2004, 05:06 AM #6
Bad Copy Pro (shareware) reads just everything.
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