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My cd burner isn't working


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23-May-2004, 11:36 PM #1
My cd burner isn't working
Not sure which topic this is....

if it's the software, hardware (burner) or maybe WINDOWS. I have WIN 98 SE

I was getting error messages before, off and on, but could usually retry and use a lower speed, and it would work.

Past few days it's been stopping and error message coming up everytime I try and use it.

It's a HP CD WRITER-PLUS 8200 external. I've had it around 1 1/2 years, and I know- it's not expensive, but was all I could get at the time.

(I can see why people like to buy new and better stuff, it's frustrating to use old, slow and not working good)

I'm thinking maybe it's just old and "had it". Same with my computer, which I've had for several years, and only has 64 MB RAm. I have 1.25 gb free hd space (8 gb in all)

But, there might be something I haven't thought of or don't know about. And not sure if it's the cd burner OR the computer. I keep thinking if I try it again it will work (the way computer stuff sometimes does) but didn't the past two days. One day I spend several hours trying it over and over, at different speeds and only one file at a time.

I mainly use it to make cds of my photos, to back them up.

An error message comes up, sometimes one that says there's an error and to "clean the disk" (they are brand new and I've used them before, and they worked. Even used some from this same package) use a lower speed (I've tried it at 1X) or insert a new disk.

There's also another error message that says I'm using a high speed disk in a burner that's not high enough for it. But, I've used these before. They say on the label multispeed 1X-48X. I've used them before. I get them in 50 packs at Walmart and have a limited selection of kinds to get. Unless I order them online and pay shipping.

The programs I'm using are NTI Platinum6 or CD RECORD NOW (which came with my cd burner) I've tried closing everything (Zone Alarm and AVG Anti Virus) when making a cd, I've tried cleaning the cd burner with a cleaning disk. The cd burner still OPENS cds okay. I tried reinstalling the burner (it said it was installed okay) and putting the burning programs in again.

Is there a way of pinpointing what might be wrong?

I used to occasionally get error messages before, but usually not when making data cds of my picture files and files I want to save. In fact, I used to put a lot on at once and it would work good.

(also... I tried it with a Memorex blank cd from a previous pack I had- and had been working, and it did the same thing (ERROR) So, the blank cds, probably aren't at fault)



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24-May-2004, 10:45 AM #2
Another day.... I tried it again. Added some of my newest photo files to a cd that already had 3 files on it and it worked. Added them to the ones already on it (at 4X the highest Ihave)

I took a NEW (from the pack) blank cd (Sony CD-R which I've used before, and have been using) and tried making a copy of the photo files that are now on the first one (about 7-8 files in all) So I'd have two copies, which I usually do.

Once again, the error box came up. Says try another blank cd, clean the surface of this one (I've tried this, even though it's a new blank) try writing at a lower speed (I've done this, even 1X)

I tried again with TEST AND WRITE and the same thing happened.

I clicked to get the error message and got this:

========== BEGIN OF LOG ==========

NTI CD-Maker 6.0 Version 6.0.1 (SKU-22510238888)
Start Time: Monday, May 24, 2004, 11:25:24AM

Processor Architecture: INTEL
Processor Type: INTEL PENTIUM
Processor Level: 6
Microsoft Windows 98 version 4.10 A (Build 2222)
Memory in use: 100%
Total physical memory: 63 MB
Total free physical memory: 328 KB
Total paging file: 1365 MB
Total free paging file: 1253 MB
Total virtual memory: 2093 MB
Total free virtual memory: 2026 MB

CD Layout: Data CD
Disc Format: CD-ROM
File System: Joliet
Bootable CD: No
Total Data Blocks: 54162

CD-Recorder: HP CD-Writer+ 8200 (E
Firmware Version: 1.0f
Disc Media: CD-R
Free Disc Blocks: 359847
Test: Yes
Write Speed: 4x
Write Method: Track-At-Once
Close Disc: No
Leave Session Open: No

CD Layout: Data CD
Disc Format: CD-ROM
File System: Joliet
Bootable CD: No
Total Data Blocks: 54162

CD-Recorder: HP CD-Writer+ 8200 (E
Firmware Version: 1.0f
Disc Media: CD-R
Free Disc Blocks: 359847
Test: No
Write Speed: 4x
Write Method: Track-At-Once
Close Disc: No
Leave Session Open: No

Error Code: 1014
CDB: AA 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 1A 00 00
SenseKey:03 ASC:73 ASCQ:03

Error Code: 1005
CDB: 5B 01 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
SenseKey:05 ASC:24 ASCQ:00

Finish Time: Monday, May 24, 2004, 11:29:02AM

========== END OF LOG ==========

I can't figure it out. Does it give any clues as to WHY it's not working?

I see there is a space for CACHE when it starts to read/burn and this fills up, but maybe there's not enough space to fill it up properly?

But, when it doesn't work (like now) I've tried burning even ONE file and get the same error box.

This morning, it had worked fine, before I tried to make another one.

The program itself seems to fly- adding the files, and setting it up.

Just stops at one point, opens and the error message box comes up.

Any ideas? (besides throw it in the trash and buy a new one...)

~ Carrie
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24-May-2004, 10:51 AM #3
Carrie ; I believe your Burner has seen it's last days. If you have Windows Media Player 9 , try to burn a CD off of the Roxio it has . That would at least tell you if it is the Software or the Burner itself.
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24-May-2004, 03:29 PM #4
Okay, I tried using WMP9 (after downloading and installing the Easy CD burning engine) and it kept bringing up an error message, also.

It said to check and see if the power cord was connected okay, etc.

This must be okay, because the cd burner OPEN cds okay.

I've been trying it various ways, also using HP RECORD NOW, and got 2 photo files to burn on the cd I have already started. It got to 16% VERIFYING DISK and stopped, after awhile the cd burner opened and it said "one or more of the files didn't compare to the original, try again".

But, I checked the cd and the 2 folders of pictures looked fine.

I've been trying NTI Platinum6, HP RECORD NOW and (now) WMP9/ROXIO.

I've tried several NEW blank cds, (I'd been using up till now) and one (different brand) from ones I had before.

The only time it's worked (twice since the problem started) has been to add new picture folders TO a cd that already had some folders on it. Using the HP RECORD NOW.

So, it can work.

I agree it's probably time for a new one, but I'm on a very limited budget and the idea of trying to fit this in (next month) is depressing. I bought this one online (around $65) after looking at them on ebay. It's an external one, and I think internal ones are less expensive? And, are easy to put in? (take off the case and front piece, put it in with screws like the other drives, and what then? Plug the wiring in somewhere? Does the wiring and directions to do this come with it?)

I got an external one previously, because it seemed easier (using usb cord) and I could change it to another computer, if I ever wanted to (easier)

But, I think I can get more for less money with an internal one?

I wonder if Walmart would have anything good, and inexpensive? (I know they have VCRs now for around $35)

Can anyone recommend one that would be good (work good) and not expensive?

I can't use one of the superfast ones, my computer is around 3 years old, and I've been told would only record at the lower speeds, even if the burner COULD go higher.

I don't care if it's slow, as long as it works. I mainly want it to back up my photos and turorials I've been collecting.

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16-Aug-2007, 12:36 PM #5
Error codes 1014 and 1005:

1014: Run Live Update from Tools menu
1005 is an illegal operation: Close all programs running in background, try different brand of disks, and again, update your drive support by running Live Update from Tools menu. Also, the drive may need firmware updates.
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