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Registry Cleaner/Driver Update programs?


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24-Apr-2009, 04:55 AM #1
Registry Cleaner/Driver Update programs?
For the novice computer user,what is the concenious amongst you more experienced,in regards to using either or both products?If experienced you can tweak with your computers,but to us dummies?has anyone experienced got any advice on what are good gentle programs to use,if any? researching on line like reading comparisons in PC world,or other googled results leaves you with such a variety of opinion ,its confusing in the end.(leave out norton 360 registry cleaner,what about Paretologic Drivercure an Regcure for instance,any good?Any other products you can recommend from using yourself?
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24-Apr-2009, 05:18 AM #2
First, driver update sites are not problem free, as I found out a while back. Better to check the application itself to see if an update is available. Furthermore, "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" is good advice.

Re Registry "cleaners", see below.

Posted by "Elvandil," a Moderator with over 30,000 posts:
Never use any of them. They are scams, do nothing but slow down the machine, and remove functionality that you may not miss until later when you need to install new hardware or repair the system.

The "errors" they find are not errors at all, and over 90% of the "fixes" they make are incorrect, but the programs then see those new errors as "correct".

They are based on a false assumption about how the registry is accessed, and the also false idea that all registry entries should follow patterns and any that don't must be "errors".
- - - --
Advice and Info re Registry 'cleaners'- excerpts from TSG, 10-07

The main reason they (are apt to cause problems) is because the cleaners do NOT just clean up stuff left over from uninstalls. They also "guess" that other items need to be deleted, many times incorrectly. They also attempt to "fix" references to files that no longer exist.

As a result, you can end up with programs that no longer work, functions that no longer work and in some cases a PC that will no longer boot.

There is no performance gains to be had by running these things. Windows does not read the entire registry when it is looking for something. It uses the keys which allow them to go straight to the item that they are looking for.


If you really want to see how active the registry is in your normal running environment, download and run Regmon.

As you will see, the registry is constantly being accessed. If, for each of these, the entire file was being searched, your PC would be amazingly slow and not responsive.
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24-Apr-2009, 05:41 AM #3
thankyou for your response redoah,i am near 52 but have had little longterm contact with computers
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24-Apr-2009, 07:33 AM #4
I agree with redoak in most of those points, if you want a regcleaner that is probably the safest idea, i would go for CCleaner, usually the most unstable apps for reg cleaning are those dedicated to it. CCleaner is pretty damn reliable in my opinion, and probably a lot of other tech savy people on this forum think so too. But on the subject of driver updating programs, for me ther a no-go, they cause more trouble then they what they diminish. I've had large problems in the past with them, they can cause drivers to go corrupt, and not far from half of the time if you actually check the driver versions of what you've got and what is recommended; you'll notice that you already have the latest version and the programs database has not been updates.
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24-Apr-2009, 08:29 AM #5
I agree with chazshep CCleaner is very good . Driver update programs I would not touch. If your drivers are working fine you do not need to touch them . Another successful program I have used on several occasions with great success is Glary Regsitry Repair.
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24-Apr-2009, 08:39 AM #6
I will recommend the Ccleaner program. It is a good software program for the registry cleaner and other junk files.
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24-Apr-2009, 09:53 AM #7
One of the many posts with a for registry cleaners.
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24-Apr-2009, 02:38 PM #8
F T C:

Stay completely away from registry cleaners, no matter what they claim to do. They're too aggressive and will delete valid registry entries that they think are invalid. The end result is having some programs that no longer start or work properly. In some cases, the operating system will get trashed. Cleaning the registry will not improve performance or speed.

Most driver scanners require you to buy them before they'll allow you to access and obtain driver updates. Most of them are also inaccurate. They're mostly rip-offs and not worth the money. If you really need driver updates that bad, you can usually find them at their vendor sites. If that doesn't work, GOOGLE the device description and then check the links for driver updates.

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