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fooling with partitions


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23-Jan-2000, 12:49 PM #1
I wa going to install linux on my machine, so i partitioned the drive using partiton magic 4 pro. (6 GB HD) i used the add new os wizard to make the partition, but how do i install linux to it?
Here are my partitions=
(volume, then type,size,status,and pri/log)
C: noname FAT32 4,330 active primary (win98)
*. extended 1396.3 MB status=none primary

*. LINUX linux EXT2 1396.2 MB (45.3 used) status=none logical

it says i have to make the partition active, but partition magic doesn't offer that option for the linux EXT2 partition. What do i do?
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23-Jan-2000, 01:24 PM #2
Usually I don't bother with the new OS wizard, and I also always make the Linux partition Primary...

My partitions look like this (13 BG drive):

C:PRIMARY FAT32 Pri,Boot 2000.2M
Linux Ext2 Pri 4290.8M
Linux Swap Pri 125.5M
ExtendedX Pri 6000.8M
E:GAMES FAT32 Log 2996.5M

The reason I have the Linux partition right after the C: partition is to be entirely sure it's within the 1024 cylinder limit, or it won't be a bootable partition. Also, the partition is not visible from W9x, so it doesn't matter where it is on the drive (as far as windows is concerned.)

Now then, before I installed linux, I created the ext2 and the swap partitions. linux (Slackware 7) found them when I started the install. I can't speak for other distro's.

One caveat: don't install LILO to the MBR. Bootmagic will live there, if you choose to use it (highly recommended!), and you will need to install LILO to the superblock (1st sector of Linux boot partition.)

If I were you, I'd move the Linux partition in between the C and extended partition, make the Linux partition primary, and add a 128 M swap partition (another Primary, giving you 4 so you're okay.)


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