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Too many pictures


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04-Aug-2004, 09:32 PM #1
Too many pictures
When one works with pictures, say, downloaded from a digital camera, or on a picture CD, does Windows or the imaging program used put a copy of each picture somewhere, in an obscure location?

After I downloaded pics from a camera, I burned them to a CD, threw the images in the Recycle Bin and emptied the Recycle Bin.
After I dragged pictures from a picture CD (e.g. a Wal-Mart picture disc) to my Desktop in a folder and worked with them, and finally burned them to a CD of my own, I threw the folder of pictures into the Recycle Bin and emptied the Recycle Bin.

Tonight, I did a Windows search for *.jpg and lo and behold, it found 1589 images with that extension. I almost fell out of my chair. And there were the pictures that I THOUGHT I had deleted by putting into the Recycle Bin and emptying it.

I had the devil's own time trying to delete these pictures. The computer slowed to a crawl and froze, and generally acted strange. This is a new machine (bought in April) with XP, 512 mb memory, and a 2.8 ghz processor. I would expect it to be able to perform such a simple task as deleting pictures without freezing.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

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04-Aug-2004, 09:50 PM #2
Are you taking the images directly from the drive letter in Windows Explorer or My Computer? Most cameras make a drive letter when the camera is connected and you can copy/paste or drag directly to a folder. If you do that the pictures wonít show up anyplace other than the folder. If you download the photos using the software that came with the camera it might be storing images in its own folders. Where were the extra images on the computer?

I messed with some picture CDs for a friend and found the software less than user friendly as far as being able to handle the pictures the way I wanted to. I had a hard time keeping the picture CD software from storing the pictures in its own folders.

I donít know of an image editor that stores photos other than were you send them.

I donít think it that unusual for the computer to choke deleting that many images at once. If it works fine otherwise I wouldnít be concerned.
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04-Aug-2004, 09:59 PM #3
I can guess (while waiting for someone who actually knows)

They must go into some sort of temp file when you open them

For example, I was doing something in Paint Shop Pro, in the files (taking out picture tubes, etc) and found about 30 odd files with numbers on them. Clicking on them brought up the BROWSE images. If I openned a folder this way (it shows thumbnail size versions of all the pictures in that folder) it must have saved them, even after I closed and did something else with the actual pictures.

After reading the suggestion here, I once went to FIND and "files and folders", using advanced, and size. Having it find files starting with a very high size, and slowing working my way down, to see what I had I could maybe get rid of.

I was surprised to find files of cds I had copied and some I had made (even though I had clicked NO to save the file after it was done)

I think you can use FIND and put in *jpg (I've never done this, but have seen it. Not sure if there is a DOT in there, too) Someone else here will know for sure. But it brings up every jpg on the computer. If you find them, it will tell WHERE they are. Like if they're in a TEMP folder or something.

I was once told how to restart in ms dos and use SMARTDRV to delete the caches and temp folder and I occasionally do this. Don't know how to do it with newer WINDOWS (I have 98 SE) though.

There's also open MY COMPUTER, right click on the C drive, click PROPERTIES and DISK CLEANUP.

One would think that deleting and emptying the recycle bin would get rid of something.

As I said, this is just guessing, going by what I've experienced.

~ Carrie
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26-Sep-2005, 03:18 PM #4
Pretty much the same thing has happened to me. I played a CD that had family pictures on it. Then I wanted to delete most of them. But as I deleted either one by one or as a group of 12 or so, I found that the computer was also copying them and adding them at the bottom. I ended up with 167 copyies of one picture that I kept trying to delete. I would really like to know why this happened.
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