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General Information

Can I change my username?

Username changes must be made by an Administrator. We generally don't like to have users change their names as it, obviously, causes some confusion. To request your username to be changed, you'll need to have a good reason -- for example, you used your real name or your email address as your username. You may contact us to make a request. Please include your current username, the username you'd like to have, and why we should make an exception for you.

How do I view this web site without the advertisements?

As we don't charge you anything for using this site, the advertisements you see on every page keep this site running. If you'd prefer to surf this web site without ads, simply donate $20 and we'll turn off your ads for a year! Click here for information on donating to this site!

Why can't I post questions about P2P (Kazaa, etc)?

If you read our site rules, you'll discover that you may not post questions on how to use Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks such as BearShare, Kazaa, and the like. Although these programs, in and of themselves, are NOT illegal, they were designed and are used almost exclusively in an illegal manor. We do not support the illegal distribution of copyrighted material and will not answer questions regarding software designed to do so. For more information about copyrights, visit

How do I mark a thread solved?

Problems that have been solved have the "Solved:" text in front of the title so that other users can easily see that a solution exists in that thread. With the exception of Moderators, only the user who started the thread may mark it solved. To do so, choose "Thread Tools" just above the first post of the thread. Then, choose "Mark Thread Solved."

How do I report a post or bad user?

If you see a bad post or a user who is trying to cause trouble, please report it to a Moderator. There is a small red triangle at the top-right corner of every post. Just click on it and type in why you are reporting it. A Moderator will review the post and take any necessary action.

DO NOT REPLY TO USERS WHO ARE TRYING TO CAUSE TROUBLE. If there is a nasty argument (flame war) going on, don't get involved. Just report it. If you get involved, you may be just as guilty as the other member(s). I hate playing the "but he started it!" game. Also, for your reference, you can read our rules at:

What are Guests/Junior Members/Members/etc?

Users are divided into several categories:
Account Disabled - Someone whose account was closed because he/she violated the rules.
Guest - Someone who has been removed from the site, usually by request.
Junior Member - A new member with fewer than 30 posts.
Member - A member who has at least 30 posts, but fewer than 100.
Senior Member - A member who has at least 100 posts, but fewer than 2,000.
Distinguished Member - A member who has more than 2,000 posts!
Moderator/Administrator - A member who has the ability to edit and delete another member's post in order to enforce the rules. See below.

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