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Is there a problem in MMORPG?


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19-Jul-2011, 12:43 PM #1
Question Is there a problem in MMORPG?
Please read in entirety before responding: I've played online MMORPGs for a while, and have noticed that when fighting certain players, my computer seems to suddenly freeze or slow down. This leads me to believe that one or more players are using technical knowledge against me so the player I'm fighting can win the fight. Is this a possiblility?

I'm sure it's possible there are players that also work for the MMORPGs that also have accounts so they can play the game, and with priveleges.. so the second part of my query is to know if it's possible that tech guys like yourself are using some kind of advantage against other players in order to win. I mean.. when you think about it, it would be a little like feeling God-like to be able to beat anyone because you're one of the people who designed the game or is in charge of maintaining system software updating or something else like that. So.. is it possible that someone from the actual MMORPG company is taking privelege when playing others in order to beat them.

This now leads me to my last query. Is it possible, given you guys are also tech types, to go into a game and detect if someone is using some type of advantage like I previously described. If so, would you guys be willing to test Runescape out and see if you see some of the things I've seen, and confirm something is going on so we can report it to the world. I would love to catch them in the act, cheating at their own games.

Thank you in advance for all responses. I would like to make mention that I don't have much technical knowledge, so lay terms would be much more easily understood. Thanks again.

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19-Jul-2011, 01:10 PM #2
Hi Paul

Okay for games like those if you work for the company you'll have a GM title most likely in your name, or an M. GM for Global Moderator and M for Moderator. They usually have their own private server in the game to play so people don't surround them asking for stuff, etc. They will come onto the server once in a while just to show off or show something. In no way are they allowed to use game-breaking mods or hacks as it is a breech of their Terms of Service. This goes to any player there is out there. So since I put it up there I'm just assuming it is a regular hacker that is doing that.

Myself personally I do not like to use any cheats or mods to win, just because it takes the fun away for me. I do not feel god-like if I win in fight that I cheated. Goes for real-life as well. The company is responsible for maintaining a game, and for client-based games use a specific 'hack shields' to prevent hackers. They usually get cracked but are updated once a week for patches. Gaming companies want their players to have the best experience to keep coming back, playing the game, so that the company makes money. Turning the people away for using programs to purposely beat them up would be pointless.

It is extremely difficult to detects mod/hacks in a game without a illegal program to detect it. And a giant game like runescape with millions of players. to find the players that are hacking is just a near impossible feat. Catching them in the act doesn't usually deter them. I know for a fact when I hacked long ago for the fun of it, I yelled out for fun I'm a hacker catch me if you can, while flying around in a game where you can only walk. I got banned and made a new account and did it again.

Anyways for another Tech-Guy give him reasons how he could fix this. I'm not good in that area just this one.
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19-Jul-2011, 04:16 PM #3
Many MMORPGs employ some type of program to prevent cheaters. Punk-Busters comes to mind. Many other MMORPGs are server-side, not user side. Users can't cheat because they don't have access to the servers. These games are also completely logged. This gives GMs the authority to ban cheaters.

GMs typically cannot play on the same servers that they are GMs on. Sony Online Entertainment, for example, specifically prevents GMs from being players on the same server that they GM on. When these users play the game, they have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

The bread and butter of gaming companies that support these games is to keep users in their games. Hackers and cheaters cut into profits. These companies deploy extraordinary measures to prevent hackers.

By the way, none of the "cheats" when change your Internet service, slow your ping, or cause the problems you describe.

Now, servers that are run by private individuals are another matter. My only suggestion is to install Punk Busters, and make sure the private servers you use have it installed.
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20-Jul-2011, 01:16 AM #4
I would suspect your hardware, but without seeing the issue in action, I can't say for sure. I agree with the above that with MMORPGs the only 'cheat' that i have seen is with people with multiple accounts <money> farming and selling it to others in real world etc... but to slow people down... only private servers would most likely have that issue.
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22-Jul-2011, 03:58 PM #5
I don't play Runescape, but In World Of Warcraft, the slow downs and lag are often due to the graphics tweaks they implement with new patches. Example was my XP machine ran the game on medium detail quite well, but with the release of Cataclysm I had to lower my graphics a great deal.

So I kinda lean towards Couriant's fist statement, maybe hardware. If you noticed it after a major patch or update then I would suspect they changed the graphic requirements.
Your machine may be working harder to display the newer "prettier" versions of spells the other player is using on you.
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25-Jul-2011, 02:15 PM #6
Thank you all for your responses. I think I'm definitely going to check my settings for graphics. And I might also research the Punk Busters program mentioned. Thank you for your time and consideration, they are both appreciated.

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