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22-Dec-2007, 03:21 AM #1
AVG Free
Hi folks,

My AVG Free went a bit Pete Tong and I tried to reinstall, long story short I've lost my original AVG file and I've already removed AVG from my system.

Does anybody know the link to the AVG Free Antivirus program? The only one I can find is the 30 day trial?


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22-Dec-2007, 04:22 AM #2
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22-Dec-2007, 09:18 PM #3
I downloaded AVG Free this morning. It took me 4 hours to get rid of it.
It hung up my email.
It hung up everything.
I got 18 Task Manager windows. I got 3 "send report" to Microsof windows.
It took 3 tries to uninstall it.

I have read that it is so fast, but it took an hour to do the scan - about the same as Norton.
It cannot be scheduled for other than everyday!

Looks like I will have to re-up with Norton; due in 15 days.

I was going to buy the one for $60. Now I just hope I get my $12.00 back.
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23-Dec-2007, 12:51 PM #4
AVG is faster than Norton in terms of RAM consumption. AVG in my PC used only some megabytes, but Norton was always using 40+ megabytes. So, you should see your PC faster when using AVG instead of Norton.
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23-Dec-2007, 01:39 PM #5
Five, I suggest you re-check where you read that 'AVG is so fast'. All I've ever read is that it doesn't bog down your PC as much as Norton, i.e. your PC will run faster with AVG protecting it than it does with Norton protecting it.

Also, if you tried AVG Free then what $12.00 do you expect to get back? AVG Free is free-no payment required.

AVG does not invoke Task Manager windows. If you got 18 of them it's because you pressed Ctl+Alt+Del 18 times-or something like that. Quite possible if AVG did lock up your PC, but not AVG's fault (the multiple Task Manager windows-the lockup might be).

True, AVG cannot be scheduled less frequently than daily. But is that a bad thing? Are you talking about the updates or the test? I *like* checking for updates daily. And I have the test scheduled for midnight, when it usually doesn't interrupt what I'm doing. (If I happen to be working when the test starts then I just stop it.) And if I have the PC turned off when the test is scheduled then I've set AVG to just skip it. So what's the problem?

Can't help you with the lockups, except to give the same advice I give to anyone installing a new AV/firewall program-these things are intrusive enough that you should be sure your PC is already clean & running well before you install them. (Also, did you turn Norton off before installing AVG? In fact if it were me I'd download AVG free, disconnect from the Internet, uninstall Norton, and then install AVG-only then would I reconnect. And if AVG caused me problems I'd follow the same procedure in reverse to reinstall Norton. Except that I'd probably still try something else. NOD32 has gotten good reviews from many although I haven't yet tried it myself.)
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23-Dec-2007, 02:38 PM #6
every version of AVG free always runs smooth on my computers, had terrible problem with Norton and had to re-install the system, I found it very intrusive. (Original Norton years back was excellent).
I agree with Calvin, you must have done something to have taskmanager come up so often, maybe you alreay had some virus or trojan on your computer.
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23-Dec-2007, 07:48 PM #7
The computer is only as good as the user is.

If you know how to configure programs such as these, then you wouldn't have a problem.

That is why developers aim to improve interactivity and customization to their programs.

As for security, I recommend ZoneAlarm for you firewall, Symantec for you Anti-Virus, and Ad-aware by lavasoft for you Anti-spyware.

Also, you should download Microsoft baseline security analyzer, it scans your security and tells you what your vulnerable points are.
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24-Dec-2007, 02:53 AM #8
Put AVG on hundreds of low and high end
I always disable the daily schedule scans(in setup)
Always update over Internet tick
Then Update and update again (don't know why innitially it's twice (from a new download)
Check Outlook Express is OK
Full scan completed
All OK

Runs way smoother than Norton

Anyway please mark as Solved under thread Tools above
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24-Dec-2007, 04:47 AM #9
did you uninstall norton properly first
kimsland's Avatar
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24-Dec-2007, 04:53 AM #10
There are usually 3 places in Add/Remove Programs for Norton or Symantec
As long as there are not any other Norton/Symantec programs installed - you can safely remove all 3; especially Live Update
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26-Dec-2007, 08:36 AM #11
I found the AVG email scanner (after one reformat, it worked fine before) would stop thunderbird from retrieving my emails. So i would have to disable it. Thats my only problem with AVG that ive ever had. But i switched to nod 32, its nice. It updates frequently and doesnt, (when it does update) interrupt what your doing, doesn't make you lagg if playing a mmo or anything. Its a smooth process. The downside is there is no free version, theres a trial, but no free version. (but you can uninstall it every 30 days and get a new trial) but meh... doesn't bother me.

For spyware i use spybot search and detroy, ad-aware, and pc tools spyware doctor (the free version, doesn't clean up, but you can scan and the "on guard" features make it worth while. I just google it if it ever finds anything).

For firewalls i use, my router, windows firewall and comodo. I very rarly get a virus, or any problems. If i do there quickly delt with and ive deleted them by the next day, as i run 3 scans during the night set to go off one after the other (i roughly timed how long each one took and set them to run after 1 in the morning). Ive never had so much problems as i did when running norton, it slowed down the system, it slowed down start up, the scans took very long to complete and it interrupted you if it found something, or updated.
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26-Dec-2007, 09:07 AM #12
windows firewall and comodo
That does not usually work very well . .
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26-Dec-2007, 11:29 AM #13
@Five, you were probably having problems because of norton in the first place - it sometimes doesn't uninstall properly (and then you have to use a special utility to remove it) - and if you then installed AVG, it could be Norton that's causing the problems.

I agree with simpswr, you don't wan't to use those two together.

I strongly recommend AVG free.
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26-Dec-2007, 12:35 PM #14
I agree with all of the pros for AVG. I heard that uninstalling Norton is a bear, so I'm going to save the thread from Guitar. I have to use Symantec on my work computer (because they make me) and have AVG at home. Avg is sooo much better. If you do get AVG installed and working properly, you can do the online scan from norton just to give yourself a warm fuzzy feeling. I am not a programmer, but do know many and have been told that the way symantec scans is ineffective. It has never found anything since I have used it at work. AVG does use much less resources and I just do a manual scan. Good luck!!
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19-May-2008, 06:05 AM #15
hi guys, I just installed AVG FREE EDITION ver 8.... i just want to ask how the automatic update looks like. I have scheduled the update every 9:30AM and set it in a way that when i open my pc and internet it would update automatically. But unlike the 7.5 version, the version 8 does not open a window when it updates, and i dont even know that its updating because it doesnt show anything.

But when I open the interface after a few minutes, it has updated already.

Does AVG FREE 8 doesnt show a window when it updates automatically?

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