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PCI Simple Communications Controller


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23-Aug-2009, 07:40 AM #1
PCI Simple Communications Controller
Stephen Yarnall : I changed my operating system to Windows XP and getting nag screen about "PCI Simple Communication Controller because of my printer USB connection. Help?
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Prince .]
Prince : Welcome to HP Total Care for desktop computer, my name is Prince. Please give me a minute while I review the issue description.

Stephen Yarnall : Hi Prince
Prince : Hello Stephen.How are you doing today ?
Stephen Yarnall : Fine
Prince : Stephen, Could you please elaborate me about the issue in detail so that I can help you in a better manner?
Stephen Yarnall : OK, each time the computer starts I get "Found New Hardware" notice and it tries to install hardware. Then searches internet and still cannot find. I install the CD rom for the printer, but evidently the information is not on the disc.
Prince : Okay.
Stephen Yarnall : For a PCI simple communications controller
Prince : Please let me know is your printer is working fine or not ?
Stephen Yarnall : Yes, everything is working, I would just like to eliminate the nag
Prince : Well Stephen, If I understood the issue correctly then your system is absolutely fine and every time you are getting the " New hardware wizard " message when you restart your system, Am I correct?
Stephen Yarnall : Yes
Prince : It's alright.
Prince : Are you chatting from the same system now ?
Stephen Yarnall : yes
Prince : Okay.
Prince : To help you serve in a better way, may I know the product and serial number of the computer?
Prince : If you are chatting using the same computer please press s Ctrl+Alt+S on the keyboard to get the product details on your computer screen.
Prince : We can also find the product and serial number on the rear panel of the computer on a white bar coded sticker which is followed by P/n and S/n.

Stephen Yarnall : SR5601P 3cr8340zbt
Prince : Thank you for providing me the information.
Prince : Please allow me few moments so that I can pull up the product details of your system.
Stephen Yarnall : OK
Stephen Yarnall : Just so you know, I have searched all over the internet for a driver for the communication controller and it seems like thousands of people are having the same problem.
Prince : Okay.I can understand.
Prince : Do not worry Stephen, I will try me level best to resolve this issue.
Prince : Everything will be alright.
Stephen Yarnall : Thanks, you are a Prince
Prince : Yes Stephen, let me share some interesting facts with you.It will help us for better understanding on this issue.
Prince : Is that okay for you ?
Stephen Yarnall : yes
Prince : Thanks for your co-operation.
Prince : This problem may occur if one of the following conditions is true:
Prince : 1.) The printer driver does not use Plug and Play for its installation.
2.) Some registry key of the OS has become damaged.

Prince : Please let me know are you using HP printer ?
Stephen Yarnall : Lexmark plug and play
Prince : Okay.
Prince : We are from HP desktop support and we do have expertise on troubleshooting your desktop's hardware and the issues related to the software factory installed on your desktop. This issue is related to a third party software( Lexmark ) and we do not have sufficient knowledge/expertise on this. However, since you are an esteemed HP customer we will surely go ahead and provide you the best possible support .

For further assistance please contact the manufacturer of the product.

Prince : Is that okay for you ?
Stephen Yarnall : Tried that first
Prince : Yes Stephen, I am giving you few registry repair/correction steps.
Stephen Yarnall : OK
Prince : 1.Log on to your computer by using an administrator account.
Prince : Are you logged in as " Administrator "?
Prince : *now
Stephen Yarnall : Yes, I am the only user
Prince : Fine.
Prince : 2.Click Start, and then go to " Run ".
Prince : 3.In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
Stephen Yarnall : Done
Prince : Are we on " Registry editor " window now ?
Stephen Yarnall : yes
Prince : Fine.
Prince : 4.please locate and click the following registry key:
Stephen Yarnall : ok done
Prince : Please locate the path :

Prince : Great.
Prince : 5.Right-click the registry key, and then click Delete.
Prince : 6.Under Confirm Key Delete, click Yes.
Stephen Yarnall : That option does not seem to be available
Prince : Please let me know where you are getting stuck ?
Stephen Yarnall : The delete portion is light and not available
Prince : Yes Stephen, Just select that and press " Delete " key or right click and select " Delete ".
Stephen Yarnall : Maybe because the folder is open and AB (default) is showing and REG_SZ (value not set) is what I am seeing it will allow me to delete AB (default) but not the whole folder
Prince : Okay.
Prince : Yes Stephen, you need only to delete the key and not the entire folder.
Prince : Is it done ?
Stephen Yarnall : Do you want me to delete AB default?
Prince : Yes Stephen.
Prince : That's right.
Stephen Yarnall : says unable to delete specified values
Prince : Okay.
Prince : Then we are not able to delete the kays from the exact location, right ?
Stephen Yarnall : yes
Prince : Well Stephen, I am sharing you a very good link to you.
Prince :
Stephen Yarnall : You are working hard Prince, keep it up!
Prince : The above mentioned URL will take you to a non-HP Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.
Prince : Are you able to open the link ?
Stephen Yarnall : Been there too, no answers there
Prince : Okay.
Prince : Actually this error message appears when the printer driver is not installed properly.
Prince : So you need to uninstall the printer driver agin and reinstall with proper steps.
Stephen Yarnall : No, that is not the case, the printer is installed properly and working. It occurs because of the USB connection hardware wizard.
Stephen Yarnall : I did that twice
Prince : Yes Stephen, The printer may be working but it may not installed properly.
Stephen Yarnall : I installed it both ways, with the cd rom and then installing the driver from lexmark
Prince : We have a step to disable the " New hardware wizard " but this will not recongnize any new device in future.
Prince : so we never recommend this option.
Stephen Yarnall : Don't want to do that
Stephen Yarnall : Looks like you are stumped, thanks for the try
Prince : Yes Stepen.That's right.
Prince : *stephen
Stephen Yarnall : Bye, thanks again
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23-Aug-2009, 08:25 AM #2
Sorry you had to go through all that since it problem doesn't appear to be a printer.

Open Device Manager and right click on the unknown "PCI Simple Communication Controller" or "Unknown Device" then click Properties, then the Details tab.

In a box below Device Instance ID you should see a text string similar to PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3059&SUBSYS_18931019&REV_60.

The information should tell us what the device is.
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23-Aug-2009, 09:10 AM #3
You can expect problems like this to occur when you change the operating system from Vista to XP.

HP doesn't have any XP drivers listed for your system. Windows is most likely seeing the modem or ethernet adapter and doesn't have an XP driver for the device.
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23-Aug-2009, 09:32 AM #4
Usually a PCI Communication Device is a modem not a printer. Does the error go away if you have the printer unplugged?

You can the Conexant Modem drier from the HP webiste, it says its for Vista but sometimes the drivers work for Windows XP as well but HP neglects to post that:

Otherwise post the info Frank requested.
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