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Conversation Between Classics and parthaanand


Conversation Between Classics and parthaanand
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  1. parthaanand
    10-Nov-2008 03:23 AM
    i observed a strange behaviour in our application when run on Win XP and in Windows Vista.

    Our application have two Windows Toolstrip (Toolstrip 1 and Toolstrip 2) in that order.

    When run in Xp, the order is perfect, but when run in Windows Vista(Windows Vista theme) the toolstrip is reversed. i.e, displayed as Toolstrip 2 and Toolstrip1. But when i changed the Theme to Windows Classic in Vista the toolstip order works fine. ie, displayed as Toolstrip 1 and Toolstrip 2.
    Any reasons /solution for it. I want the theme to be in Windows Vista and the toolstrip order to be in line(toolstip 1 and Toolstirp 2).
    Thanks in advance
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