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Conversation Between jimr381 and rgmatthes


Conversation Between jimr381 and rgmatthes
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  1. rgmatthes
    13-Nov-2008 02:04 PM
    In response to your reply at:

    Here's the file:
    After you click the link, just click the "Download File" button.

    It's not the actual file (I can't share that with you, due to confidentiality reasons), but it's an example of the problem I'm having. Here's what I did to create it:

    1. Open Word 2007.
    2. Create a new plain text content control. Enter "Test Phrase" as its value.
    3. Select the entire content control by double-clicking on the little blue tag that appears on it's left side.
    4. Apply the "Heading 1" style.
    5. Go a few lines down and insert a Style Reference to Heading 1. (Insert->Quick Parts->Field...->StyleRef->Heading 1->OK.)

    I need those brackets in the style reference removed!

    Thanks for your help, jimr381!
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