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Conversation Between vinwin06 and Keebellah


Conversation Between vinwin06 and Keebellah
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  1. vinwin06
    05-Jan-2011 02:49 AM
    Hi Hans,

    Hope you have a great new year.

    I need your help in one of my older post called Combining 30 text files into single text file. In this thread you have given one VB script file for removing header in the output file. I have clarification that whether i need change any coding that because for running that Vb script file for the month of December i am getting error that "Kmart_1211.txt" does not contain any data. Actually i check file also it having only December month data.

    I think the problem is because of the year. The output file have the data of December 2010 (1210), But if run the VB script now it will consider as 2011, i think this is the confusion.

    Please help me on this.


    Vinoth S
  2. vinwin06
    21-Oct-2010 06:47 PM
    Hi Hans, How are you? We are talking to each other for long time. Hope you doing well. I have another post called "Creating backup files in different folder in excel" . I hope your are the one can help me out in this.

    I am waiting for your reply Hans...
  3. Keebellah
    14-Aug-2010 03:38 PM
    I'll look for the post and see what I can do for you.
  4. vinwin06
    14-Aug-2010 10:35 AM
    Hi Hans, Hw are u? hope your doing well. I have a another post called "find a name in network folder in excel" . i think your the right person to answer this post.
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