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Conversation Between Elbiglou and Deejay100six


Conversation Between Elbiglou and Deejay100six
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  1. Elbiglou
    07-Feb-2012 08:49 PM
    Hey Dave - Never mind. All good. THANKS!!!!
  2. Deejay100six
    06-Feb-2012 10:43 PM
    No problem. In actual fact, I am gearing up to post something in the suggestions thread along the lines of, we should do more to encourage people to post their logs. Most people seem to be ingnoring the "Everyone must read this before posting". You have done exactly as you should have. That line telling you not to post unless instructed is built in to DDS but if you look, the instructions (guidelines) do say that you should post the attach.txt. As I am in training, I'm only allowed to take 3 threads at one time since I'm still in training but when I have an opening, I'll take a look at yours. Be patient, it is very busy here. Good luck.
  3. Elbiglou
    06-Feb-2012 07:20 PM
    Hi Deejay - sorry to bother, but i noticed you are on here alot and are currently on. I goofed and made the mistake of posting the DDS file that states, "Unless specifically asked to, do not post". Now I am worried. Is this a bad thing, should I worry and is there any way to remove it? Frantically worried now. Thanks!
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