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Slow to log on to network with more than 3 users


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27-May-2012, 04:26 AM #1
Slow to log on to network with more than 3 users
HI guys,

I've just taken over as head of ICT at a primary school but know very little about computers.

The problem I'm having is that when I have 30 laptops in my classroom some children can log onto the server within a minute and some children are still sat there 30 minutes later and nothing, the screen doesn't move off the 'loading profile' screen . It's not the children's profiles as they may log in fastest next time. All the laptops are windows XP. We have a wireless router in every classroom.
I have spoken to my ICT technician but I don't understand what he says. This is partly due to me not understanding the lingo and partly due to him giving out answers just to keep me quiet. He likes it all to be his turf and is not happy that I'm encroaching in his territory so it can make it hard for me to get information.
I don't understand why it would take 30 kids so long to log on as it ruins the lesson because I can't teach till all are ready.
I've tried just having 15 laptops out but I still have the same issues logging on.

I don't even know what questions I could ask my technician to get the specific info I need to make our system run smoother.
Would it be better if we had no server to log in through and just log on to a computer with a generic name and then log in to our on-line classroom to do our work?
I've no problems with internet and they are all able to log on to our on-line classroom as soon as they are logged on to the computer.

So, any ideas what I need to do or ask?

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27-May-2012, 10:36 AM #2
I don't know servers, but it seems to me that 15 or 30 computers trying to log in at the same time could possibly cause some problems, depending on the server's capacity.

More concerning would be the network congestion if all 15 or 30 laptops are trying to use one wireless network simultaneously.

Even more concerning would be the congestion and conflicts if the server is connected to the network by Wi-Fi.
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27-May-2012, 12:34 PM #3
Terry is correct about the wireless part. Depending on the server platform, it's no problem having 30 users connect up at once. In fact, in enterprise situations, 30 simultaneous user logons wouldn't even break a sweat with a properly configured DC.

With regards to the wireless part, I suspect that's where you're having issues. When you mention wireless routers, this sort of gives an indication of the type of hardware being used. I can only make an assumption as there isn't enough information given. But take for example some enterprise wireless systems. With Aruba Networks' wireless points, the AP 92/93s are good up to 15 clients. This is one of their cheapest access points and it retails for around $500 a piece. Asking a SOHO all in router to handle 15 to 30 wireless clients at the same time just isn't going to happen. The next step up in Aruba's line is the AP105 which can handle up to 25 wireless clients and retails for around $700-800. The typical deployment of these access points is in conjunction with a wireless controller. But they can be configured to run as a peer to peer type mesh which cuts down on costs but you'll be losing some features and performance achieved with a wireless controller.
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27-May-2012, 04:52 PM #4
Thank you, gentlemen.

As far as I know the server is hard-wired in to the network. We have a server room which is kept under lock and key. I'll invade for a proper look this week.

At least I now know that what I need to investigate is the wireless networking of school and not replace laptops. I guess our system needs an overhaul as at full whack we could have 60 children's laptops, 25 adult machines and 72 netbooks all on the go at the same time.
We've never had them all going at the same time due to log-on probs but thank you so much that I at least know where to start problem solving.

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27-May-2012, 06:00 PM #5
Check the logs of the laptops as well. If there is a DNS problem, or the laptops times are not in sync with the domain controller, this can cause slow logon times as well.
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