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What is this internet activity on my HP?


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20-Aug-2012, 05:25 PM #1
What is this internet activity on my HP?
On a HP desk top at screwy times of the day and night this activity is recorded. And what is this IP address that is referred to? It is not MY Modems IP adress

Starting: hpslpsvc32.dll
20120511225823:0003B91E4:0001(0000-0000)(2204)+++ From: c:\program files\hp\digital imaging\bin
20120511225823:0003B97F2:0001(0000-0000)(2204)+++Command Line: C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k HPService
20120511225823:0003B9D38:0001(0000-0000)(2204)+++ File Size: 634880
20120511225823:0003BA22D:0001(0000-0000)(2204)+++ Version: hpslpsvc32.dll Release
20120511225823:0003BA7FF:0001(0000-0000)(2204)+++ Built on: Oct 16 2008 18:22:43
20120511225823:0003BAE4D:0101(0000-0000)(2204)+++ PID: 2196 HPSLPSVC0182.log (C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe )
20120511225823:0003E0D19:0001(0000-0000)(2204){Loaded 0 devices}
20120511225823:00042526D:0201(0000-0000)(2356)<Using adapter at index A for [Local Area Connection](NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ) IP= Type=6>
20120511225823:000427B5B:0101(0000-0000)(2356)<FOUND 1 connected adapter(s), error=0>
20120511225823:0004460F5:0001(0000-0000)(2356)<Monitoring adapter ip=, subnet= at index A for NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet [status=1, flags=3e5] type=6>
20120511225823:000450A8A:0001(0000-0000)(2528)Heartbeat event initialized for subnet=
20120511225823:000459F0C:0101(0000-0000)(2356)<STARTED manager for(>
20120511225823:00045CBDE:0101(0000-0000)(2356)<FOUND 1 connected adapter(s)>
20120511225823:00045EC26:0001(0000-0000)(2532)<MONITORING subnet on LOCAL ADDRESS>
20120511225823:0004613DD:0101(0000-0000)(2356)<STARTED MANAGER FOR OFF-SUBNET 2560>
20120511225823:000462AD3:0001(0000-0000)(2560)<MONITORING OFF-SUBNET>
20120511225823:0004639C5:0101(0000-0000)(2532)[SENDING MULTICAST REQUEST->]
20120511225823:00046435C:0101(0000-0000)(2532)<FINISHED STARTUP for>
20120511225823:000470D8B:0001(0000-0000)(2548)Heartbeat event initialized for subnet=
20120511225824:0005659B1:0101(0001-0001)(2560)<FINISHED STARTUP for OFF_SUBNET>
20120511225824:000566635:0101(0001-0000)(2560)<SERVICE STARTUP FINISHED in 1700 mSec>
20120511225829:0000976E9:0101(0006-0004)(2532)[SENDING MULTICAST REQUEST->]
20120512004422:00030AF67:0101(6369-0002)(2356)<IP ADDRESS TABLE CHANGED>
20120512004422:00030CF87:0101(6369-0000)(2356)<IP CHANGE NOTIFICATION SCHEDULED>
20120512004422:00031ACA3:0101(6369-0000)(2356)<RESCAN SUBNETS> S=1, R=0
20120512014735:000777FE4:0001(0162-3792)(5452)<MONITORING OFF-SUBNET>
20120512014739:0001D6701:0001(0166-0000)(2204)Media sense re-started
20120512014739:00022BB9E:0101(0166-0000)(2356)<RESCAN SUBNETS> S=0, R=1
20120512014739:00024148B:0001(0166-0000)(2204)Already awake
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21-Aug-2012, 04:50 PM #2
to an admin or mod I got an email saying there was a reply to my question yet it is not here! Where did it go?



Dear pclpatop,
87654321 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - What is this
internet activity on my HP? - in the Networking forum of Tech Support Guy Forums.
This thread is located at:
Here is the message that has just been posted:
FWIIF I plugged that IP address into the address bar and came up with this

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21-Aug-2012, 04:58 PM #3
It was me. I deleted it because I realized after the post that it was of no use to you.
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21-Aug-2012, 05:06 PM #4
ah ok, there is actually two other IP adresses that this mysterious activity uses. I don't have them to paste right now but i will later. And the above c/p is one of 200+ logged activities of this type!

If this is an "UP and UP" activity( as compared to someone hacking into my machine I don't know either way that is why I'm asking?) of an HP machine why is it an HP acivity at all?
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