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Can you use smartphone to connect computer to internet?


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18-Nov-2010, 01:05 PM #1
Can you use smartphone to connect computer to internet?
I have never been able to justify getting a smartphone because I simply don't have a need to check my emails every 12 minutes. So paying for that plus internet service for the computer doesn't make sense. I don't want to be doing all my internet stuff exclusively on a phone either, so cancelling the computer internet doesn't make sense. But on the other hand in addition to a regular cell phone, I carry around a palm pilot that has medical software/textbooks on it that I use for work. So having smart phone would allow me to downsize the number of devices I am carrying around. If there was some way I could stream the internet through my phone onto my computer (its a laptop) then it would make economic sense to have a smartphone. Is there anyway this can be done (without having to have a degree in computer science)?
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20-Nov-2010, 09:19 AM #2
Yes, it's known as tethering. Generally speaking, you connect your phone to your computer via USB (actually it's possible to do it over bluetooth as well) and you use a software to use your cell phone's network as a network connection for your computer.

I don't know much about it myself as I've never done it. But I believe carriers charge extra for this service, at least I'm pretty sure Verizon does.

Another downfall is that using your cell phone network for internet access on your computer isn't particularly fast. I think it's meant more to be used when you're on the go, in a place that doesn't have wifi. I wouldn't recommend it as your main internet access source at home, but like I say I've never tried it myself and this is just my opinion. Hopefully someone with more information and experience will chime in.

Carriers also have modems or PC cards which you plug into your laptop that you can purchase monthly plans for.
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20-Nov-2010, 08:05 PM #3
Actually, you don't have to plug your computer into anything, if your computer has a wi-fi card. Today's tethering converts your phone (I use Verizon's DroidX) to a wi-fi hotspot. You can connect up to 5 devices at one time. You can also get a MiFi, which is a device about the size of a credit card (only about 5 times thicker) that functions as a wi-fi hotspot.

RatATatTatt is correct in that (1) it's not the fastest way to connect and, it is expensive compared to standard ISP service. While the DroidX tethering costs $29.95, I only get 2GB per month for that. The MiFi I have costs $59.96, but I only get 5GB per month.

I will keep both because of my job, but I am also keeping my 55Mbps ISP at home.
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09-Dec-2010, 04:11 AM #4
If your phone has built in Wifi Browser or Wifi Application, you can connect to your main connection with wifi router. Things to know:
1. has own connection direct from the Internet Service Provider
2. buy wifi router.
2.a Make router setting to be invisible or create a password.
3. Use your phone wifi application then connect it. chada! successfully connected!
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09-Dec-2010, 10:33 AM #5
Sure you can connect a smartphone. For your requirements I think you can buy a netbook - it is a low cost/low power laptop thing which you can carry easily and use for your work. This allows you to connect to PC through USB or bluetooth, very easy browsing and emailing. Plus, if you are moving around you simply take it and use wifi for instant connectivity.

So you may go with your present phone and a netbook. Ask me if you have questions.

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15-Dec-2010, 02:08 PM #6
When I'm traveling, I use my Samsung Intercept to tether my laptop. Of course a lot of the time I just use my Intercept instead of my laptop.

I have service through Virgin Mobile, and that gives me unlimited data and text, and 300 talk minutes, for $25 per month. I installed a VOIP app on my phone, so now I can make voice calls as data, thus giving me effectively unlimited talk, data, and text for $25/month.

As has been already stated, tethering this way doesn't give the fastest connection, but it works quite adequately and the price is unbeatable.
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15-Dec-2010, 09:33 PM #7
When connected to a Windows PC, your Windows Mobile device connects to your wireless service providerís data network and provides you with an Internet connection. This makes it possible to brows the Web on your laptop or desktop from any location with wireless coverage.
Youíll need to check with your wireless service provider about a wireless data plan. These are often separate from voice plans and allow you to use your Windows Mobile device as a wireless modem.

Check this link on how to :
Philippine Call Center | Outbound Call Center
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02-Jan-2011, 07:48 AM #8
It's super easy with my android phone, I just downloaded a program called EasyTether, followed the inbuilt instructions and it runs great; I was really surprised how easy it was (on Ubuntu anyway, didn't try it on Win-"make everything harder than it should be"-dows and I don't have a Mac)

EDIT: It doesn't go as fast as my WiFi connection though
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