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how to make a private web page?


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12-Aug-2007, 12:19 PM #1
how to make a private web page?
ok, im a noob at this so i hope this makes sense:

i want to make a private web page on my pc that a friend can log on to and view video, picture, and audio files on my pc from it.

i use a program called yawcam for my webcam; with it i can create a private web page
where i can limit who logs on to it. The page is on my pc, i give them my ip and port number that yawcam opens and they logon--
sorry this is where i get fuzzy: how can i make a page where i give them my ip / port numbers and they can go there and either view content i put on the page and/or possibly use that page to browse the files on my pc?

hope that makes some sense...
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12-Aug-2007, 07:45 PM #2
First you will need to install a web server. Then you will need to apply a password and username. Then you will need to forward/open the appropriate port so your friend can get through.

1) Install a web server. I recommend using AppServ. It's a package installer for Windows that includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP. This way, if you later want to tinker with MySQL or PHP, you will have them already installed and ready for use.

I created a guide a while back (it's probably not totally up to date)
The latest version of AppServ is currently 2.5.9, but the guide uses 2.5.7 I think.

2) Next you will want to secure your WWW directory.
Open dos prompt (start > run > command) or nt console (start > run > cmd).
Navigate to the apache bin directory (C:\apache\bin).
Run "htpasswd -c -b c:\appserv\www\.htpasswd yourusername yourpassword".
Create a .htaccess by going back to prompt/console and simply typing "edit".
Type the following:

AuthUserFile c:/appserv/www/.htpasswd
AuthName "Secured Area"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

Save that file in your c:\appserv\www\ directory as .htaccess.

Your main directory (www) should be password protected now.

3) Open port 80 on your router/firewall.

4) Send your buddy your IP address along with the username and password.

An easier method is to skip all this and rely on FTP, as it's more efficient and easier to manage and will use less resources. The FTP guide is located at as well. For simple at-home use (like for sharing files and such), I find FTP to be the better choice. It's easier to setup users too.

Just remember that because FTP relies on FTP protocol, and not HTTP, your buddy will need to type ftp://youripaddress instead of http://youripaddress in order to get through.

I can't be too thorough right now because I don't really have the time, but I hope I gave you enough to get your feet wet. Good luck!
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12-Aug-2007, 08:02 PM #3
nice digging for gold :-D so one could create a deticated server using this softawre and that software would let mysql / php stuff run off of it -- if so wow you just saved me alot of trouble on one of my next google ventures lol... giggidy giggidy
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12-Aug-2007, 10:48 PM #4
thanks for the reply diggingforgold- i have been messing with Vista's IIS - everything seems to be set up ok except that people cannot connect to it externally-
eh - i gave up on iis - im working on appserv - i seem to have set it up ok but i get a "500 internal error" when i try to connect but then maybe i cant connect to my own pc from my pc?...

anyway - thanks for the reply - this is what i was looking for!

nevermind, i got it to work!

but there is one (tiny) other problem - on the page i created if i link to a picture and the link is clicked the picture is diplayed in the browser - but if i link to a video file, an "open / save as" box pops up - how to i get videos to play WITHIN the web page?

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13-Aug-2007, 01:49 AM #5
well do u really have to go through all that pain, i mean u want your friends to view your videos and pics rite..? So why don't you open a profile with My space, Hi5 or even You tube , No hard work or expenses involved just signup for a account and upload your images and videos and give away the URL to your profile That's it.
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13-Aug-2007, 06:47 AM #6
nuh - there's always a catch with online services - how much you can store, file size limits, etc. want the freedom to do whatever i want
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14-Aug-2007, 02:23 PM #7
PHP Password
I use PHP passwords alot. They are really simple to use if you have experience with PHP

Link to example code:

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