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Full email screen in AOL


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16-Nov-2002, 10:54 PM #1
Unhappy Full email screen in AOL
Like to see if there is any way to get AOL's screen to open in the maximum mode all the time? Now when I open the email (read & write) the page opens in the small mode, I can double click the header bar to make it large but that's a pain in the butt. When I say maximum mode I'm talking FULL PAGE. I'm running AOL 7.0 & 8.0. with ME & I.E. 6.0 & 256 RAM.
When I open the read & write part the page opens small plus there are these Scroll bars on the right side and the bottom. The page opens and slides under the scroll bar. This leaves two options, Double click the header which is a 1 time thing because I'll have to do it every time. #2 is to manually size and drag the screen around till the scroll bars go away. The problem with this is the screen is even smaller. Now don't miss read me when I say small I'm not talking the smallest size which would be about 6"x6" I'm talking the next size up that's always appearing. I would like it to be the full size (the whole screen). When its the full size and I click remember size and position it holds it there but as soon as I close and return its the medium size again. I can position the window to the medium size by adjusting it to get rid of the scroll bars hitting remember size and position and it will remember.
I called AOL 7 or 8 times and they tried (in there own way) but in the long run they said its the nature of the beast. I called Microsoft and they were the most helpful but they had to get with AOL also but on a level I couldn't get to. I tried Gateway and you can forget them. Now there are a dozen of things that I tried and I don't have room to list them all.
Is there anyone out there who know the answer to this? I found a program the is made for I.E. but it won't work with AOL. Maybe someone knows of a window expander for AOL???
Thanks for your time, "ED" [:-((

PS: I did get some advice as how to get my web pages to open large (below). My problem is READ, WRITE & ADDRESS BOOK in AOL. I know I know, call AOL. I did, 7or 8 times, nada.

Need Help
see your AOL icon right click then go to properties then look for Run in go to the drop down box, make sure it is set to Maximum, hit apply then OK then start AOL. See if that works.
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17-Nov-2002, 09:43 AM #2

Did you click Remember Window Size or did you click Remember Window Size and Position? There are two choices.........the 2nd of these two works for me.................don't understand why you're having a problem..........I have ver 8.

Are you running 7 or say 7 AND is that?
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17-Nov-2002, 02:30 PM #3
Window size
To F_disk,
Been there, done that, along with a few dozen other things. When I said I have 7.0 & 8.0, that's what I have in the computer. I only use 8.0 but I was to lazy to take 7.0 out. It'll cause no problems so I'll leave it there for now. I was having the same problem of the screen size with my web pages but I found that if you right click on the AOL icon in the task bar and click properties then click on RUN and go to maximum that takes care of 90% of the web pages. They come in full size. My problem is the EMAIL "READ' WRITE & ADDRESS BOOK' it seems that no matter how I try to size the window to large and I close the window it will be right back to where it was. Again I'm not talking about the 6" by 6" size its the next size I mean. Iwant it to go to full size when I open it all the time and let me be the one to make the choice to size it. Microsof, AOL, or Gateway couldn't help and belive me they tried. Microsoft was the best at trying. They wanted me to do a few thing in the regestry but I passed on that. I know I can and might have to live with this but I also know if there is a will theres a way and I will find the way.
Thanks again, "ED" {:-((
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