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iertutil.dll missing - Internet Explorer 7 mishap


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17-May-2007, 07:00 PM #1
Exclamation iertutil.dll missing - Internet Explorer 7 mishap
Hello everyone. I am in real desperate for a solution to my problem. I appreciate ANY type of solution given and I will try to be as informative and to-the-point as possible.

It all happened 2 days ago on my Compaq Presario R3000 laptop when I decided to uninstall the newest version of Internet Explorer 7. Because I didn't like Internet Explorer and all the stuff I heard about it containing some bugs, I decided to uninstall it.

So I went through Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs and searched for Internet Explorer 7. I clicked on the one that only said "Internet Explorer 7" and it took me to this uninstalling phase.

It then warned me that most programs would "freak out" if I have done so by uninstalling Internet Explorer 7. So I decided to ignore it and take the risk, a risk that I was going to pay very soon.

It took a few minutes of deleting the files and stuff, then I had to reboot, upon logging on to my account this error message pops up stating: "This application has failed to start because iertutil.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

Then there are ABSOLUTELY NO icons present on my desktop nor any start button or task bars or anything. The only thing I can see is my desktop background. I almost crapped myself when this happened because nothing like this happened before.

I dug out my other computer which I am using right now and desperately searched for an answer on the web googling "iertutil.dll"

I happen to stumble upon a few websites and reading every single post and noting them in mind. But I wanted to voice out my problem so I snuck onto this site in my Computer Class (Risking my neck there ) and came to this site.

I know there's another topic about this, but the person was missing two files, not one (Which I am missing).

My laptop computer specs are in my profile somewhere, and oh, I hope that there is another reasonable and safer way than to reformat my whole laptop losing all the data, pictures, music, and documents I have on there. Please, I appreciate any and all help.

The attempts in fixing this problem which I have done were to press F8 at the start up screen and then going to safe mode with the command prompt. I happen to nab this formula for some kind of help but to no avail - %systemroot%\system3restore\rstrui.exe

I still have to search for my XP CD and stuff to make sure I am on the safe side for a reformat if that's the only option, but I know there's a safer and better way so I don't lose all my precious information.

Thank you.
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18-May-2007, 10:13 PM #2

PLEASE! I'm about to freakin break this piece of crap!
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18-May-2007, 10:32 PM #3
Welcome to TSG....

First thing - There is no program that is not a little bit buggy, and eventually you are going to have to install IE7 so if you do not use it what the heck it will be thre for windows updates.

iertutil.dll - iertutil - DLL Information

DLL File: iertutil.dll or iertutil
DLL Name: Run time utility for Internet Explorer

When you find the recovery cd for the computer and I think you will need it for the following:

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or Thumb drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable and do the following:

REGISTRY WARNING: The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible.
I hope you have the Windows software for this machine. Please give this a try and print it out for reference
How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install with IE6 Installed =

Here is a link to a registry backup program that is absolutely fantastic it is called ERUNT
Remember to always keep a backup of two things:
Your registry, and your data. You will never be sorry.
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19-May-2007, 10:02 AM #4
Thank you so much. So about the "Slave drive" thing. I can take out the drive out of my laptop and put it into my other computer? Is that what it is? How about if I just put in the necessary iertutil.dll file from the other computer and put it into the drive and place it back in my laptop.

Would that work? Also, if I had not uninstalled Internet Explorer 7 via Add or Remove Programs, would have there been another way to uninstall it SAFELY?!
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16-Aug-2007, 04:32 PM #5
I've suffered the same and it wiped out Internet Explorer, my web connection, Restore, etc. If you do a dirty install (reinstall from your XP cd) you can then pitch an earlier restore date and start all over. This will set you back some time in updates, but don't go with the express install - go advanced and be sure to deselect the Internet Explorer 7!
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16-Aug-2007, 04:37 PM #6
You might be able to locate the file you are needing at is a free site. I have used it in the past.
Also, go to microsoft's support site and see if you can download IE7 again on the separate compter, put it on disk or thumb drive and re-install it on the 'damaged' computer.
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03-Nov-2007, 08:45 AM #7
HELP!! Sorta

i have the exact same problem on a toshiba equium a100

for the same reason aswell

it happened last night and i spent all night trying to sort it. i am on it now because i have found out that if u open the task manager you can run some programs by selecting new task. if you already had fire fox then you can go on the internet. i am geting 2 windows 98 computers and updating them to xp so i can just coppy the stuff on to the hard drives on thembut if i come up with anny safe solutions for you i will let you know

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04-Nov-2007, 11:51 AM #8
yes i have sorted it!!!
I red up alot on it and found out that if you go on to the web on another pc, download iertutil.dll and burn to disk. then log on insert the disk and then using the browse button in the task manager coppy the file from disk into windows system 32 you will be back with windows!! unfortuntly i still havent sorted it completly but this will get you to a situation were you can coppy all your docs and then reformat.

if i find anythin else will post it here for you
gud luck
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30-Dec-2007, 12:20 PM #9
what if i dont have recovery CD!!! becouse i tryed to find it and i lost or they never gave me CD...plz help me
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03-Mar-2008, 05:56 AM #10
Smile Fix For: iertutil.dll not found and ordinal 56 couldnt be found
Hi On Friday I had the similar issue and after few hours of struggle I found a fix and it worked for me, and I hope it may help for other people searching for a fix.

Error 1. iertutil.dll not found.
Symptoms: You can't use explorer.

Fix: You need to download iertutil.dll from internet or you can copy it from any machine that has IE 7 installed in it. File location is c:\windows\system 32.

Once you have got this file copy to you machine in c:\windows\system32.

while you don't have explorer, you will have to use task manager to do so you can to ctrl+alt+del, on task manager click on browse and go to c:\windows\system32 and copy iertutil.dll.
Once you have done so you will be able to go into explorer after restart.

But more likely you will get another error, "ordinal 56 couldnt be found"

to solve this isse you got to have source file for IE 7.
you can download it from other pc and copy it in your drive you can install morzilla in you ur machine.

OK you won't be able to use outlook, mmc or system restore, this error is almost certain death for windows.

right once you have got source for IE 7.
you need to rename iertutil.dll to old_iertutil.dll and create new iertutil.txt in same location and rename it to iertutil.dll.

Once you have done it, restart your machine and try to install IE 7.

if this doesn't fix the issue,

Try following,

Go to c:\windows\system32 and delete most of the files that start ie*.* but do not delete any exe, restart your pc, run the setup again and it would work.

any more issue , feel free to ask
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