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Computer shuts down during reinstall


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31-May-2008, 12:35 AM #1
Computer shuts down during reinstall
I am currently re-installing XP on a Compaq Presario 700z. This is a friends laptop and he claims to have had it for about four or five years so it's very outdated. The computer comes with four "Quick Restore" discs. These discs are designed to be used for reformatting and reinstalling. The reformat goes fine, but as soon as i insert disc number two and it's time to install XP the computer shuts down. I tried using another XP disc that I had since the computer is now without an operating system and it did the same thing as soon as the reinstall started. Any help would be great. I'm open to any suggestions.
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31-May-2008, 01:24 PM #2
Anyone? I could really use the help.
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01-Jun-2008, 09:35 AM #3
Several things to check.
First , there could be a power issue. Either the battery is to low or the brick is not providing enough power. Generally speaking when you are at the level you describe the best thing to do is boot to the bios and unplug th brick and leave the laptop running on battery power until it dies. Then plug in and charge overnight or 24 hours (whatever they recommended in the manual) until it has a full charge (this technique recalibrates the battery power meter. Often if you just charge and discharge and recharge in small amounts eventually the calibration gets off and the battery does not ever get a decent charge).
Then try the quick restore set.
If I remember, normally you have two different sets . One is a single quick restore disk which accesses an image file on the hard drive to restore to factory settings. The other is a two or three disk set which you run in sequence, they contain the full install of windows and drivers and software. So double check what you have. If you wiped the partitions on the drive the quick restore will not work, no image file on the hard drive to restore from (often you can also access this just like you were booting to bios but with a different key combo like F10 to enter the recovery partition).

Secondly , it could be heat; some laptops have a removable air filter (foam) which you clean and some you just blow out heat vents with compressed air.

I would try a bootable cd, a linux live like Knoppix and boot to it to see if the laptop stays on and running. If so you know hardware is okay, just an issue with something else. IF it won't stay running booted to a cd, then you know the hardware is at fault

Third, some compaqs require you install a "rompaq" , kind of a bios overlay on the hard drive. If you wiped this , you may need to download it from compaq and install it from a floppy.

Fourth, it is worth checking to see if the laser lens on the cdrom is dirty by running a laser lens cleaning cdrom in it. Just buy the cleaning kit and put in the cd (looks like a normal cd with a row of toothbrush bristles on it) and hit play . Repeat until it plays at least thirty seconds without shutting off.
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01-Jun-2008, 05:04 PM #4
Thank you, hopefully recalibrating the battery meter will resolve the issue. I had suspected heat could be an issue as well as this particular laptop gets pretty hot. I'll give this a shot and get back to you on whether any of these suggestions work.
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01-Jun-2008, 05:13 PM #5
Welcome to TSG....

If this laptop get pretty hot I would suggest getting this fixed first a can of compressed air is cheap at the local store and a Phillips head screwdriver to take the laptop apart and use the compressed air to clear-out the processor heatsink assembly. DO NOT REMOVE TEHE HEATSINK OR PROCESSOR
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