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Compaq Presario SR2168hm problems!!


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20-Aug-2009, 11:37 PM #1
Cool Compaq Presario SR2168hm problems!!
I bought this computer... stupidly i might add... from an unnamed (because i used to work there and recommend their business) rent to own store. For the run of the mill daily family pc it had been great! Now... when i bought this pc i ran the VISTA (<--- still leaves a bad taste in my mouth!!) home basic Operating system that came on it out of the box. After upgrading the 512MB of ram to 2GB and discovering vistas ram hungry method of operation... i chose like many others to downgrade to a more stable and familiar windows xp. I of course had friends that hooked me up with XP Black, Im sure you've heard of it by now. That runs on XP pro platform and ran great with the exception of the initial gathering drivers that seemed to not be available for my pc.

As i Discovered through this adventure, my computer had been built with just enough snuff to run basic vista... uuhhhgg. Also i learned that this pc's motherboard (very simular to an asus) needed vista compatible drivers as the hardware from hp was designed for this VISTA computer. I'm not happy with hp for such attempts to hinder the "shade tree" Geeks. for stated events i had to replace the cd/rw-dvd rom combo drive because that was one driver that was unavailable, PERIOD.

Now... I had a HDD error and i slapped this drive in off an E machines pc with xp home on it. i have done nuthing really except clean the drive of malicious software and install a few drivers for my Compaq. now comes the Current issue...
This pc was all good untill this harddrive. i am having problems with a PCI Simple communications controller (no driver installed) Ethernet, no worrie.. the storm zapped my onbord ethernet adapter so i now use a pci port, Other PCI Bridge Device and last but not least... Video Controller(VGA Compatible). Now mind you i am on this pc now.

I also have a few preformance issues. one of which being that when i am on the internet, and i scroll up or down the page, it loads the screen sluggishly from top to bottom everytime move the mouse wheel or the slider bar in the window im scrolling. Just an fyi the current HDD is PATA and the one original was SATA. I read somewhere that the CPU would step down to a lower GHz setting with the current configuration -vs- the SATA configuration. Don't know if any truth to this but could this be the problem? if so how do i fix it?

Here is the Mobo # if it helps M2N61-LA and i have the out of the box AMD Sempron CPU.

So far as the drivers go... the hp website is of no help (unless i put vista back on... HAHAHA NEVER!!!) I tried a few driver software programs but to no avail. the built in driver upgrade won't work either. Any ideas?

oh and i have SP3 on here because Eset wanted it soo... LOL! But the deceleration was noticed prior to the upgrade from SP2.

I am un-happy with the deceleration of my computer and would appreciate any helpful insight to this problem. I thank you in advance!!!

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21-Aug-2009, 05:29 AM #2
I don't know if this is something that we can assist you with. If I read everything correctly,the system was running XP black, which is a pirated copy of WinXP. Now, currently you are running the machine fromn a Emachine HDD (with XPHome preinstalled) and that is also a form of piracy since you are breaking the OEM license agreement.
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21-Aug-2009, 06:13 AM #3
No... that computer was my wifes pc. I put xp home in it for her and i used Xp Black on mine. And as i said... you know about Xp Black! When i said pre-installed i didn't mean from the factory. I meant that the drivers that were loaded on this hdd were configured for another computer. I have the legitimate Xp home disk that I bought.

Now i did some driver hunting and got chipset drivers(pretty sure theyre right) and others but never quite got those mentioned before.
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21-Aug-2009, 08:17 AM #4
Read the rules, please. We do not help with illegal software such as "XP Black."
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