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  1. mossymanrsaccy
    I cant open EML files which I saved in a HD from XP Pro OE6, then exported to my Windows 7 tower, with MS outlook, mossymanrsaccy
  2. mossymanrsaccy
    how do I post a new thread...?
  3. billy-t
  4. Organized-L
    If the server is POP does it benefit using IMAP in Outlook 2007? How do emails go from IMAP to POP & then back to IMAP when being sent?
  5. boydphoto
    iI have never had Windows ultimate on my computer. what is wrong with you people?!!!??
  6. Laura7491
    I am so happy its fixed. Please keep telling them it did not work. Someone else may come up with better advice.
  7. Laura7491
    Hi sweetie, yes they fixed it for you as my friend and when they learned that you had a hard time.
  8. baconbitz
    baconbitz Laura7491
    Funny, all of a sudden this box just appeared for me to message you...I'm not crazy and this wasn't here before, you even saw the screen print I sent you...I guess they finally fixed it. I'm glad about that. As far the compact mode, I've tried everything they've said, still no luck.
  9. Laura7491
    Laura7491 baconbitz
    When you read her first advice you should be able to leave a message for me. When you do I will know her advice worked.
  10. Laura7491
    Laura7491 baconbitz
    Hey sweetie, I got some more information from cookiegal(forum admin.).
    Here it is:

    Another way to get there is to click on "Inbox" beside your username and then on "Conversations".
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  11. Laura7491
    Laura7491 baconbitz
    Hey sweetie, administrator by name "cookiegaL" replied to my forum post about a message box.
    Here is her reply:

    Tell her to hover over her own username in the top right-hand corner and then select conversations from the drop down menu. Once there click on "Start a New Conversation".
    Hope this helps... Lemme know.
    Love ya, L.
  12. Laura7491
    Laura7491 poochee
    P.S. If I post this question on Forum where, which section do I post it on??? I hope you can guide me.
    Again, my apology for bothering you... But I am trying to help a friend who is brand new. .
  13. Laura7491
    Laura7491 poochee
    Hi poochee, please excuse me for bothering you ... My friend joined this forum yesterday and she said she was NOT able to leave a message for me because there was NO message box. I do not understand why she does not see...

    Thanks so much in advance for any tip or help.

    Sincerely, Laura.
    1. poochee
      Hi, sorry don't know. Check with an Admin.
      Aug 31, 2017
  14. Laura7491
    Laura7491 baconbitz
    Hi sweetie, I found you .. Good luck having your problem solved. Love ya, Laura.
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  15. jimmcq
    Printer help.
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