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  1. Looking4asolution
    Hi Tech Guy- Ever since i disabled low/high battrey alert in my start up folder, the laptop has started to behave
  2. Looking4asolution
  3. katonca
    katonca jesseem
    Hey girl, thought I'd say hey. Hope you are well.
  4. CrazyComputerMan
    CrazyComputerMan Blackmirror
    Bello there! Missing ya xxx
  5. CrazyComputerMan
    CrazyComputerMan katonca
    Hey Katonca
    1. katonca
      Hi CCM
      Feb 4, 2018
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  6. bluetheancient
    bluetheancient dckeks
    Hi. I was wondering if you had a chance to look at the minidump files? Thanks again
  7. Awesomeness
    Got my 1070, i7 7700k and 16 gb ram finally!
  8. dogluver
    dogluver dckeks
    Hello, I am sorry to bother you, but was wondering if you had any time today to show my how to hook up my second router using an access point? I understand if you are busy. You have helped me so much!!! Thank you!
  9. Paul23
    Paul23 Macboatmaster
  10. Mase3206
    Conflicted on computer upgrades.
  11. sircedric
    sircedric kevinf80
    hello kevin i was trying to post a problem im having wiyh my iconia tablet and google play services is not working. but under the android devices i can not post . if you could direct me to the correct area plz
  12. Paul23
    Paul23 dckeks
    Thank you for the help! Not exactly sure which of those commands will replace all the windows 10 files .esd or .wim.. But, I guess I will try both if I get into that situation. Thanks for the help!
    1. dckeks
      No problem. Let me know if you need anything else
      Jan 6, 2018
  13. Coco767
    XP and Win7 are the best!
  14. managed
  15. Coco767
    Getting close to having a recent tech problem solved.