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  1. dckeks
    dckeks jenae
    Hi Jenae,

    I saw a few posts from you. It is great to see and hope the surgery went well.
  2. RandomNinja42
    Zed Killing Time Is Fulling Up My Bank Volt With More Dosh!!! YEEAAHHH-HAHAHAHA!!!
  3. necklacemaker
    necklacemaker Archie844
    Hello Archie, I'm necklacemaker - I think you're trying to help me (thank you, by the way!) - but there are some web differences between us that stops that. well bummer. I sincerely thank you anyway.
  4. CeeBee52
    Not a geek but am self taught. Always happy to learn new ways of doing things.
  5. dougglos
    dougglos Macboatmaster
    Windows Updates do not Complete Thread

    As it is two weeks since we came to the end of this topic, all the various problems that were part of that have now been fully and satisfactorily resolved.

    I have not yet done anything regarding a deletion of “Rogue Killer”, as to date there does not seem to be any response from your colleague JSntgRvr.

    So thanks once again for all your assistance. With best regards.
  6. hv55
    hv55 tecknurd
    Hi Tecknurd. Thanks for your help with my posting. You said I need to use netstat to really know if someone is in. What are the most important commands to run in netstat? Someone told me to use "-nal, -nalp, -nalp | more". I started using TAILS OS and am able to run netstat now. If I print the netstat output for these commands, could you read the data and give me feedback? I would appreciate it! Thanks.
  7. dougglos
    dougglos Macboatmaster
    Hoping you have received my last note. Please resend your last mail re changing back to Windows 10 forum. Available all day today. Will explain then!
  8. Keebellah
    Never too old to learn, Learning something new ... every day :)
  9. dpader
    dpader Gr3iz
    Hi there Mark! I hope you're doing great, I was dissapeared from forums, chats, etc for a while, been working in the open, now I'm back to give hell to several computers haha,, How have you been?
  10. roadtoad2
    roadtoad2 crjdriver
    I want to learn how to get rid of a phone restriction on my iphone
  11. roadtoad2
    How do I get rid of a phone restriction on my iphone?
  12. pcguy9441
    pcguy9441 Macboatmaster
    Wales, indeed. Now there's a classy place to be. Me? I'm in NorCal Crazyland. We'll snap out of it in a few yrs with any luck, or I'll be forced to move to Canada or the UK.

    This forum my go-to place for the straight skinny on all things tech.
  13. roadtoad2
    I got to command prompt, but then I died right there I need someone to hold my hand all the way
  14. roadtoad2
    I need to ask another question, I couldn't get chkdsk to work, I need more help
    1. roadtoad2
      I think I already told you, my brainiac granddaughter, Angel is coming over in a couple of days to fix it for me
      May 22, 2018
    2. roadtoad2
      meanwhile, I got it to work for a while by adjusting the settings, its just that I can't seem to keep it that way
      Thank you
      May 22, 2018
  15. Charmian
    Been gone quite a while....
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