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  1. Kent777
    Kent777 blues_harp28
    Blues writes "Anytime - glad to be of some help."
    "some help?" That was all kinds of help man. I learned a bunch while stumbling through. Thanks again.
  2. jim1215
    jim1215 blues_harp28
    Thanks for all you help. Computer new zipping along.
    Would make a one-off donation if I could- I am retired!
    1. blues_harp28
      Thanks for the update. Good to know that the pc is running better.
      Apr 12, 2017
  3. Johnw1174
    Windows 10 search: Runtime error
  4. DianaJo
    100 open tabs and desperate!
  5. techstuff
    techstuff Oddba11
    happy birthday :D
  6. Chubbly
    Spem Successus Alit
  7. kiki2
    I get "espn error code 302" when I attempt to watch ESPN online. What to do?
  8. Carol1247
    We are linked, not ranked.
  9. raymondvega
    raymondvega poochee
    I hope you can help me I down load kodi 17 on win 7 and when I open it I get error unable to create G U I can you help me with this
    1. poochee
      You posted this in the wrong place.
      Mar 3, 2017
  10. Awesomeness
    Got my new gtx 1060!
  11. christinewulfit
    christinewulfit JiminSA
    Hey JiminSA hope you are still around, I am now working on a Word press project, can you tellme why I cannot have a the tag-line information in both French and English. I have set the default language as French, but cannot change the tagline information - in settings - to English.

    Also why does my webpage redirect to /info

  12. Keebellah
    Learning something new... every day :)
  13. PE_Mac
    iMac; Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5; RAM 16GB; Sierra 10.12.3
  14. zakuro1257
    Account disabled.
  15. Brackenluke
    Brackenluke james.myers498
    Thanks for help regarding pc boot loop issue, I marked as resolved. Resetting the cmos with a new battery solved the problem, thanks!