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    heat sink fan and system fan problem

    Hi lusho and welcome to TSG I don't understand this statement. Are you saying that the reading on the Voltmeter is only 8v ? and this is a 12v fan ? Have you checked the voltage at the motherboard end with the fan connection off ? If this is 12v then the problem lies with the fan itself. I...
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    Lexmark Printer 2400 missing"lxcrcfg.dll"

    Hi You could try this one: click here I couldn't find it on the Lexmark site.
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    40 second animation

    Just to bring you up-to-date ..... He made it to the final. His work is now judged by 5 of the country's top animators. Thanks to all who viewed this :)
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    40 second animation

    Just to bring you up-to-date Apparently the competition is nearing an end - 2 days to go. The number of plays by different people this gets decide the overall position.
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    40 second animation

    Hi Donna It has been a long time :)
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    40 second animation

    Take a look at this - it is very amusing. It was, apparently, entered for a competition.
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    Laptop Will Not Accept Power

    Hi, I have replied to this here KenB
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    keyboard trouble

    You say you tried another keyboard. Was this of the same type ( USB / PS2 ) ? If so - can you try the other option ( i.e. PS2 if you are using USB ) ? Have you tried your keyboard on another system? I assume that you can boot up OK?
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    Solved: somebody help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi and welcome to TSG I am a little confused. Do you have access to this computer or not? Did your brother set up an account for you with admin status before he passed the machine on? Can you go with your brother's password and make the changes? PS - Advise that you remove your phone number...
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    My computer will not load windows

    Is this XP? This is an outside possibility.... Switch on and constantly tap f8 - about once per second. At the Advanced Startup Options select "Last Known Good Configuration" See if that helps. Do you have the original installation CD ( not recovery disks ) ?
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    System restore keeps installing printer driver

    Hi and welcome to TSG Do you mean Hardware Installation Wizard? Do you have a Fax Printer connected? 1. Disconnect you printer and see if the system boots without the problem. 2. If you are sure that you have no restore points try turning off System Restore > reboot > Turn System...
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    Toshiba Satellite A105 will not boot.

    Hi, This does sound like an overheating issue. ========================= If you are using the old Hard Drive with Windows already installed and the nw M/Board is not exactly the same as the old one - Windows will detect a new environment ( ie the new M/B ) and refuse to boot. You can...
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    how to change setting through regedit PLS HELP

    You may be interested in this article: It is a year old so may not be totally up to date.
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    Need help please!!

    Hi, This is quite long - you may want to copy it and print it out. 256Mb RAM is the bare minimum to run XP. Depending upon what you are running, the system is bound to slow down when it comes across memory intensive applications. The Virtual Memory can be checked out here: Start >...
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    Need help please!!

    Also: Start > My Computer right click on the C:\ > Properties What size is your hard Drive and how much free space do you have?