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    1. Teacherless
      Hi Many, seeing that you took time to respond to my problem. posted 22-Sep at 08:10, I would explain why I need to delete a folder named "Quotations".
      I create spreadsheets, and I insert code that, when the wb opens, a folder named "Quotations" is placed into their "Username" folder. The code then inserts a copy of an "activation code" needed when the trial period has expired. If the user wishes to alter the wb, I do the alterations and send them the new version. If the old "Activation code" is still in their folder, the new one will not overwrite it, so it must be deleted before the new wb is opened. Some users don't know how to get to the username folder so I thought I would delete it for them using a wb containing the delete code. They only have to open the wb and close it, the code, situated in Workbook_Open would do it automatically.
      I hope this will clarify things, as I didn't feel this info was relevant to solving the problem.
      Kind regards, John
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