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  • I took a bunch of pics lastnight with my Kodak easyshare c633, I connected my camera to my computer as usual and opened my Kodak Easyshare Program, all of the pictures but one uploaded fine.. one picture that I really really need.. I can see it when its in the icon view (small) but when I double click on it to see it bigger it gives me a error that the file exists but may be damaged? all the pictures i took before and after that one are perfectly fine. I tried to erase all of the pics and re-upload them and I tried to open the one pic with several different programs..including paint shop pro, and irfanview and nothing, i even tried to press the prnt screen button but i cant view the pic big only tiny.. i tried to put it on my myspace but all you see is black across the top and the rest of the photo is gray. Its a jpeg file size is 864 KB.
    Please help!
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