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    BIOS Corrupt? - Serial number missing

    Hi All, Thank you for your time in reading. I've spent hours and hours this morning trying to resolve this myself but I'm getting nowhere. I turned on my Compaq (HP) Presario CQ61 this morning to be faced with a messaged telling me my Windows 7 software isn't genuine. I tried to activate...
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    Desktop PC - No display on monitor after system crash

    Thank you very much for your help. I didn't even think of trying a working PSU so I'll try that first and then I'll try a new mainboard. I'll post my findings!!
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    Desktop PC - No display on monitor after system crash

    Hello there, It's been a while since using these forums and I'm glad your still here as I'm completely stuck!! My system spec is as follows: * N68PV-GS Motherboard * Athlon II X2 CPU * 2GB DDR 2 Memory (possibly dual channel) * Windows 7 My computer froze on a webpage. Keyboard...
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    Dell M5030 - Beeping at me...

    I'm more interested in repairing the laptop, not using an on screen keyboard or recovering data as you mentioned above. Thanks for the advice but the screen doesn't work at POST, the beeps indicate a hardware failure/fault. A system restore will restore Windows to factory state but this isn't...
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    Dell M5030 - Beeping at me...

    I'm not bothered about the data, I want to get the laptop working....? I'm guessing you mean use a keyboard through an onboard port? Again I'm more interested in getting the laptop working. Cost me £389 13 months ago, it's outr of warranty by just 1 month. Thanks again
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    Solved: NVIDIA nForce Network Controller won't disable/uninstall

    Have you tried in safe mode?
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    Laptop screen black

    You could try a BIOS flash, if this doesn't work then it could be a fault with the motherboard... I've had similar to this with an Acer Aspire One netbook. Good luck
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    Dell M5030 - Beeping at me...

    The video card driver is still installed, however this wouldn't affect POST would it as the drivers are for when windows loads? The keyboard has now stopped working. There's been no exposure to heat/water so I can't understand what's happened here. Is it likely to be the motherboard? Or...
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    Dell M5030 - Beeping at me...

    Thanks again for your reply. No, if it's on an external screen it all boots up fine with no beeping. However if it's not plugged in to an external display, its then that the beeping starts. Thanks
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    Dell M5030 - Beeping at me...

    The laptop beeps at POST, so I can't try that
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    Dell M5030 - Beeping at me...

    Hello there, Appreciate you taking your time in reading my post, I just hope someone can help me here!! I have a Dell M5030 which was working fine, I shut down properly one night to find next morning when I powered it up I get 8 short beeps and no display. According to dell, 8 short beeps...
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    0x00000024 after bad partition resize

    Thanks for your time reading!! I tried tonight to create a partition on my compaqs local master hard drive. I used partition magic 8.0 to resize and then extend on an existing partition. I was asked to restart but came up with error messages something like drive locked error 27. I then...
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    Aspire One LCD - Please help!!

    Hello there, I am attempting to repair my mothers D250 Aspire One Netbook. I'm no hardware professional but I'm usually pretty good with repairing things myself. As I've been working away, my mother took her Netbook to a local 'backstreet' shop. The Netbook had been trodded on by my...
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    Laptop Won't Charge

    Please, 28 views and no reply? Any advice would be greatful