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    Solved: Digital Videos

    A codec problem? Download VLC Lan Player, it will play everything.
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    Problem using google chrome search

    Have you tried another browser to see if you get the same results?
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    Hardware previously used

    I just learned this one recently, myself, Liz.
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    Solved: Windows Update

    You can get XP Service Packs Here
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    Hardware previously used

    Welcome to TSG, JSTAR68. In Windows, it's usually stored in the registry. superuser
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    Can't change default program

    Reboot your computer and chkdsk will begin.
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    Sony VGN-AR21S upgrade from XP?

    The hardware is good enough although you may want to add more RAM. I would run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor first. Since it is running Windows XP Media Center Edition, you'll have to do a clean install.
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    Disk Imaging - Clonezilla

    I use Macrium Reflect for disk cloning. I haven't used Clonezilla in years. Macrium is very easy to work with.
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    Solved: Is that your PC backing up?

    Welcome to TSG, KJam. Listen carefully to the beeps. How many times does it beep?
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    Solved: windows 10 coming out

    You're welcome, Mickey. There has been a lot of speculation about this. At least we now finally know what's happening.
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    Solved: windows 10 coming out

    No, that's not true at all. If you don't upgrade within 12 months of the official release, you'll have to pay for it.
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    Solved Unexplained loss of hard drive space

    It may be system restore. Check to see what percentage of your hard drive is configured.
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    Kindle fire keyboard

    If you tap the entry field, the keyboard will immediately return. To eliminate it from disappearing, look for the settings button on the Google page and check "never show instant results".
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    The Free Windows 10 Will Support Unlimited Clean Installs

    Microsoft says users can perform clean installs on their PCs Windows 10 will be offered free of charge to those who upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, but since a genuine product key is automatically upgraded to Windows 10 once you complete the transition, many wondered whether a...
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    Solved: windows 10 coming out

    July 29th, mickeymbbc.