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  • I just found out awhile ago what lurking was! Seems I'd been doing a bit of that myself.... only not with a red light! I wasn't aware until a couple of months here that, when you visit a thread, your name is at the bottom along with anyone else's who is there.... except of course for the red lighter crowd! I was reading along and it was Mulder who posted something directed at me! I was wondering how on earth he knew I was even there! Thought he was actually a whole lot 'MORE' than what he is! Then I scrolled down and saw! Sometimes I can be a bit slow on the take off! :p
    Seems you've been a member since 2001! I just recently started seeing you here! I realize there are lots of members.... but you'd think I'd know quite a few names by now! Oh well! Hello anyway! See you around!

    Oh..... and this is nice..... I'm you're first visitor!!! :D
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