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    Solved: Auto focus on my Samsung S630 suddenly stopped working.

    We have an S630. Bought it in 2007. The following year, the camera quit focusing when we were on vacation. It could still take pictures, but wouldn't focus. Luckily, I had a few spare cameras. Anyway, I sent it back to Samsung and they fixed it for a flat fee of $69. My wife only paid $89 for...
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    Solved: Old Olympus lenses - compatibility?

    I have OM mount lenses also and know that you can use them with the appropriate adapter on -Canon DLSR's -Pentax DSLR's* -Olympus DSLR's (best to avoid as not really supported by Olympus)* -All micro43 cameras made by Olympus and Panasonic* includes Panasonic G1-G6, GX1, GH1, Olympus EPl3...
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    Help please :)

    Nice work, guys, but why not erase the third guy in the background too?
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    Viewing jpeg on home dvd players.

    I have an LG BD570. It's a Blu-Ray player, but I've never played one. Put your photos on a DVD or USB thumb drive, and it can slide show them. It can also access shared folders on your network and show JPG's or play music files from those folders, but only under manual control. Finally, it can...
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    photo editing

    Lightroom is not a real image editor like Photoshop and Photoshop elements. Lightroom is for getting the colors and hues right. It can do sharpening, cropping, rotation, and straightening, It can also catalog thousands of pictures if your PC is fast enough. However, it cannot catalog them...
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    Question about "Amercan Arlines" Ticket trojan

    Just got one of those emails today with an attachment claiming to be a PDF of an airline ticket. I knew it was a trojan, but I saved the Zipped attachment and scanned it with AVAST and Malwarebytes. To my surprise, both passed the zipped file. AVAST can look inside zip files, so I guess it's a...
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    sony handycam dcr dvd650 software for windows 7

    Nice of BH Photo to provide this link. They send me a 500 page A-V catalog every year and all I ever bought was a cheapo Canon camera. Seems like an memory stick reader would give direct access to the video files. Are they in DVD format too?
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    Need help to adjust wide monitor so everything doesn't look too wide

    I had this problem with a 19" monitor connected to my wife's little bitty Acer netbook. All it could support was 1024x768, not even as good as your 1280x1024. Sorry, but if your video properties only go to 1280x1024 on the Windows display setup, I believe that's all your current video card will...
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    Jvc digital and mini video camcorder model #: Gr d870u.

    Left outside. Moisture condensed on the electronics and probably corroding the circuit boards. Best bet is to try and dry it out. A folk remedy people try is to keeping it in a warm place in a plastic bag with a dessicant. Uncooked rice is said to work. Remove battery. Wait a week. If that...
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    Yes. You can get it free for a 30 day trial and see if your PC can handle it. I believe this applies to all of the edit programs: Elements, CS4 and Lightroom. I'd go with Elements. I used to run it on a Pentium 4. Oh heck, I used to run Photoshop 6 on an AMD K7 back in the 90's. Now I have a...
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    Solved: connecting analog camcorder w/ digital one??

    I had a ZR85 camcorder too. Until I blew out its DVI port, it was very good as a analog to DV passthru. But even if you could hook up the Sony to the Canon, you still have to transfer the SD card data to a PC and edit/burn a DVD. That's a lot of tedium. MAybe the original poster should look...
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    Nope. It can't work. See the reviews here. Look into a Win7 firewire driver for your desktop. Hopefully, they are available...
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    Does this look like a genuine email from Dell?

    I bought a Dell refurb in June. Excellent deal by the way. Anyway, I got that email too last week from the same sender. I did the survey. It seemed legit.
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    Security Suites

    I thought KIS was great until I loaded the 2011 version on my new WIn7 desktop and it would always hang during a scan - always on the same files. Their forum claimed it was an HD error, but I noted a half dozen other people had the same issue, on the same files too. So I tried 2012 and it did...
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    Small Leak in Basement

    While koot is correct, sometimes us poor folks don't have ten or more thousand bucks to cut a trench along the wall and lay tiles for a basement sump pump. I have a rental house that only has a well in the floor to collect and pump out the drain water from the washer and basement sink, I had...