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  • I hear ya... cost and environmental wise it has helped us... i'm glad he is down to 1 poop per day :D
    haha nice. Pretty much the same here, we don't need to buy stuff for the little one. :) Our little one is growing too fast... he is already going into the 18-24 month clothes! :eek: but he has his daddy to blame... being tall and skinny... not much does fit him :D

    Just out of interest, are you doing cloth diapering?
    :) he is a great kid so we are ready. We just moved into a bigger place for his stuff... :D Still need to unpack but we are trying to get the tree up etc. :) How are you guys doing?
    Hey ashes, forgotten completely about you! All well, now had another job to train other companies how to use Ubi Duo, (not sure if you see one) as its popular in deaf community to communicate with hearing people. And I loved it! Hope your well?
    Hi ashpunk :)

    I'm still here but just not as often as before. I was trying to think of what I've been so busy doing that I couldn't be here more. I really don't have a good excuse. I do have two grand babies now that I spend a good deal of time with....let me see, I'm creating a new website (centered around helping disabled children)....hmmm. Tell you the truth I think the realistic answer is that I don't spend as much time on the net as I use to. Been trying to get some fall fishing in also.

    How you been? Hope your little one is well (not so little anymore I bet).

    How about them Bucks 12-0. Good first year for Meyers

    Well, better something to do - just can't remember what it is :D

    Thnaks for asking about me.
    doing good... as you saw in a thread I had a baby boy, he is 6 1/2mo now :) keeping me busy. :D

    I may have the E-Mail me disabled... but I would have thought it gave my email address to you.
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