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  • Thank you very much for your input. I will definitely take your advice and uninstall this program. Also, you stated in your post to the other user that he must take great care when uninstalling and answering the questions. Do you know specifically if there are any that I must concern myself with when uninstalling this program?
    Hello. I recently posted about a problem I'm having with a trojan I can not remove from my win7 laptop. You responded and I have been trying to follow your suggestions. A few problems I am having are: (1) I am traveling in the SW USA and am not yet able to find an internet access point which will allow me to download from suggested sites, (2) when I log into the forums techguy site... I find that my posting page at times seems to be gone, and (3) I am at a distance from any connection site, so it may take me a few days to try to respond to any reply to my posts, or even this message. Do you have any 'helps' I might try to remove whatever is messing up my laptop. Also, I am unable to tell if my original post is still listed on the site. (I can't understand why I can no longer see it in the forum. Anyway... thanks for any help you can offer. Much your time, effort and willingness to assist is very much appreciated.
    Askey127 this is suzysunshine2. Would you check my post under Windows 7 "Zoom and Font Totally Screwed Up". I believe that it may need to go under Security and HJT. Would appreciate any help. Thank you Karen.
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