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    Windows 7 reinstallation???

    You could try DUMo portable. Download the program onto a flash drive using another computer and then run it from inside Windows 7. See if it will find your network driver, but I wouldn't go beyond the network driver with DUMo. Looks like a restore was run and that the restore contained only...
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    Computer Won't Boot - Status Code is 0xc000000f

    If you can get access to a computer with your version of Windows (Home/Pro and 32/64 bit), you can burn the repair disk that way. At that point you have many options, including System Restore and also command prompt. You might be able to get a tech shop to burn you one for a reasonable price...
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    Resolution is only 1280x1024

    If you need any other drivers, here is the HP site with all the drivers. Adjust for 32 or 64 bit:
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    Severe PC Freezes

    Backup your BIOS settings if you have the ability and then revert the BIOS settings to defaults. Check to see if this solves your most serious issue and then go back and rework whatever overclocks you established. Could be many things, but resetting the BIOS has solved the problem for me a few...
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    Solved How can I stop LibreOffice from opening my photos?

    Maybe this will help: I believe this restores image associations to defaults, but not sure what it will do about other documents that may have been associated with a program during the installation of...
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    WIN 7 Crash Help Please

    Lindi..."Program Files" is where 64 bit based programs are installed and "Program Files (x86) is where 32 bit based programs are installed. This means you can install and use either type of program in your 64 bit OS. Anyway, that's why the architecture is that way, so you can run any program...
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    WIN 7 Crash Help Please

    Lindi... Flavalee will be around to help. Nothing unusual in the pictures, and very unlikely anything to do with a virus :). Looks like you got through the Factory Image Restore and then the reboot after the restore began with the blue screen. The file mentioned in the blue screen is...
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    WIN 7 Crash Help Please

    No surprise here. I am "reticent" (no pun intended) about recommending the W7 iso download for this reason. I had completely forgotten about it. Unless the system in question came with a retail disk or the PC owner purchased a retail copy of Windows 7, the key won't work for the iso. Good...
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    WIN 7 Crash Help Please

    My mistake, Lindi. I did somehow have it in my mind that you could boot into Safe Mode. What reticentAJ says should work, but I'm not 100% sure about downloading the Windows 7 ISO. I haven't tried the download since MS moved them from Digital River. It's worth a try. The repair disk is...
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    Text is looking weird

    danimondial... Have you ever used the Clear Type text adjustment in Windows 7? If not, it's an easy way to make text look better. Press the start button->in the search bar type "clear type". Click on the "Clear Type text" launcher to start the application. Now just go through the process...
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    WIN 7 Crash Help Please

    Lindi...This seems to indicate so: I am not sure, but it might be worth a try. You first would need to know the bittage of your OS, 32 bit or 64 bit. In safe mode on the Windows 7 PC click on start->right...
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    7 Reasons Why Windows XP Refuses to Die

    Oh yes, definitely, Phantom010. In every case, an a-v and other choice protections are important, and I use many of them. In this case I meant that the XP firewall with no outbound defense is something that can easily be improved upon at low cost. Private Firewall is free and only I think 10...
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    7 Reasons Why Windows XP Refuses to Die

    I agree with you all, but I would add a good firewall. I use Private Firewall on XP PCs, and it works great. Helps take the "I trust developers" element out of installing software in XP, and the behavior HIPS are really very good. Why do I feel like every time MS chooses to complicate the OS...
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    windows explorer 7 file preview pane won't show spp files

    tumped... sfc /scannow might resolve the problem, but it might revert some other Windows settings back to their original state, also. It doesn't affect programs or files, just a relatively small number of settings. However, it's a deep fix, and it might solve your problem...
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    WIN 7 Crash Help Please

    Lindi... You do have some options. Windows 7 has a repair disk option built into the operating system that you can burn. You would need to find someone with a computer to be able to burn the utility to disk. It would then give you a number of options. You may actually find that you can burn...