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    Slowly Killing Myself!!!!

    on your server do you have some disconnected network share that is no longer available but the server or rather the explorer window is attempting to skim through?
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    credentials to join domain

    basically everyone is using the domain admin account to log into the pc's, which means they have full access to everything. You need to create user accounts for your users in your domain.
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    Unable to access shares on server

    ya this sounds like a loaded statement...
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    Mapped Network Drives

    This doesnt look right? X: to \\DOMAIN NAME\FOLDER NAME did you mean \\domain server name\folder share? \\alpha server\share are you sure you have the correct share permissions on the folder share and security permissions set correctly?
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    Roaming user login script needs to map drives...

    I have a user that moves from different locations every week, so for example he can be at area A with ServerA, then area B with ServerB What im looking for is a way to run his login script that would know if he was at area A or Area B and mapped that specific servers folder share... ex...
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    GPO exclusion

    Default Domain Policy, blanket effect on all the OU's. It will get pushed to your pc regardless. The only way to change this behaviour is to create another policy strictly for desktop user settings like the issue your having, so basically move those settings away from the default policy and put...
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    Default Gateway On/Off

    Have you tried performing the latest firmware update to your router? if there is a newer one I would read about what the fixes are for it...if that doesnt help then maybe you should take it back and get a netgear or Linksys....
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    Conficker.C - who do you tell if infected ???

    ive been reading about the april 1st deadline, but how do we know if our pc has been infected with this virus, and does patching ms08-067 fix this? or just not allow your pc to send out info or prevent it from being infected??
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    Connecting to SOHO with a VPN client

    ok heres the dilemna, i have a soho that has about 5 workstations they have no router/firewall period But heres what they need Outside protection (of course) URL filtering - more like deny all except these a black list and white list... DHCP and most important VPN remote access from...
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    Connecting to SOHO with a VPN client

    ok thanks for the input, so what im wondering is do i have to use the netgear vpn client or can i try a open source one? any experience with a Cisco BEFSX41 or a Cisco RV042?
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    Connecting to SOHO with a VPN client

    i want to connect to my home pc through the internet by using a vpn client that will allow me to connect to my vpn router and establish a vpn, then at that point conect to my pc using RDP.....The question is what are my options as far as routers that support a VPN client, I know obviously cisco...
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    Setting User Permissions

    im assuming you have mutliple partitions like c, d, e and so on. You could get this resolved a couple different ways. 1. you could create a local group on your workstation and put user john doe, in the group then simply dont add him to the c drive. 2. or you could create a local group policy...
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    Windows 2k/2k3 Server Folder audits

    I looking for something that would log when users attempt to access folders , the standard windows auditing is too vague, it does not really tell what user attempted to access what folder...and suggestions or ideas...
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    Low level format or something similar

    one more thing, try using a differnet cdrom drive...that would cause files to be missed on installation, or check your OS disk to verify no scratches on it...
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    Low level format or something similar

    so your asking to format your drive , or perform a HDD scan for errors?