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    F.E.A.R. and CAll of Duty 2 requirements

    well with it should run make sure you have latest dirext X probly have to set the stuff on low i got a 3.7ghz and 6800 and i cant max either game out i can run them on meduim to high.
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    I have Broadband Cable but It lags

    i had same thng with my cable it was slower in games then dsl cable is shared bandwith so when alot are on your bandwith might drop were dsl is dedicated bandwith. Thats why dsl usauly cost more for less speed.
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    Solved: arc welding=always bad

    that shouldnt happen lol sounds like the cable is not grounded but still i wouldnt thk it have that much voltage in it.
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    error while trying to instal red alert 2

    your os could be your problem red alert 2 was made in days of win 98 and winme you might try clicking on the setup and going to properties setting compad mode to win98/winme
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    Slow Hard Drive Write Speed

    use somthing else to test your drive to fresh sucks on hd test somthing l like hd tach is better.
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    How to Disable Intel 82801Ba Ultra Storage Controller -244B

    if your using intel tru newer chipset drivers. If you diable ide and your using ide your not gonna boot into windows.
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    HD drive benchmark

    use HD Tach its more accurate
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    replacing mobo, n00b q's

    thiers alot of differt makers of 7800s dlx i thk evga best they cost little more but lifetime warranty on everything about you can even change out after market coolers.
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    replacing mobo, n00b q's

    wth you reading 1 7800 gtx aint 900 you can buy 2 7800 gtx for 900 also and least thier sli works were crossfire has a boat load of problems trying to warn ya befor you get somthing that underperforms. And might not be around long sence nv is coming out with quad sli. Couple reviews to look...
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    Spec comparison query

    im guessing the 599mhz is the fsb were other one is 533fsb but runs 1.72ghz you wont see much differnce if any The extra ram alone will make up for it probly.
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    Spec comparison query

    well the new one would be a close match to the current one she owns other then the new one has more memory then the old one. And has a slightly faster cpu. Only thing id wonder is how big is your hardrive on your current laptop compared to one your buying.
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    Computer slows down after 2 hours

    id try the memory freeing programs, winme and win98 have bad memory leaks You could run win2000 or winxp home.
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    PC died

    probly can find a older board either off pricewatch or ebay or newegg also this place carrys alot of older stuff .
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    replacing mobo, n00b q's

    if i was you id go with a nv motherboard with sli and get a 7800 gtx or gtx 512. Atis x1800 gets its *** smoked by nv right now even in crossfire one 7800 gtx beats it in alot of games and when you put 2 7800s together they kill. They do cost alot more tho. Also with crossfire you cant buy 2...
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    no wonder your temps are so hot if the ambiet temp is that hot inside the case all other stuff is gonna run hot its getting hot air you need cooler intake air. When my case temp rises above 35c my cpu and video temps rise with it when it stays below 30c they stay lower. Make sure all your case...