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Aug 24, 2015
    1. MJScott2345
      Thanks for such a quick reply. They said it's an internal problem that I have; and also bbearren, this only started maybe a month ago...the problem didn't exist previously.
    2. Zube25
      As mentioned by everyone else, you are the man! Thank you for helping me out with all my computer issues. Not quite sure if we've tackled this latest virus you've been helping me on it but I think we're close. I've only been on these forums for a few months but it's nice to know that I have someone I can go to when I'm having a computer crisis.
    3. Gallowsman
      Just to let you know, you were my favorite member before I even joined the website. You seem to know so much, but are still very helpful and kind in the way you use that knowledge. You're the man.
    4. rodell
      Hi bbearren. Was 27APR09 message hereon received? Corially, RO
    5. play`
      One realy good user.
    6. mhoffing
      Not a boot problem, the computer acts as if unplugged. Is plugged in and Power Supply is functioning. Nothing happens when you touch the on button on the front.
    7. camren
      thank you..
    8. camren
      thanks for the info
    9. hart5241
      thanks for recent help - much appreciated.
    10. gecu
      Re my attempt to install Windows XP Service Pack 3. I was using windows update. Would it be better to download it to the hard drive and install from there?
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    Started coding on 5-baud paper tape using a teletype phone link to a main-frame computer in '73. My first "personal computer" was built by Texas Instruments and I wrote my own code for it on cassette tape. My "PC" experience began on an IBM PC running MS/DOS. I've been twiddling with Windows since its introduction by Microsoft.


    "Let them that don't want it have memories of not gettin' any."...Brother Dave Gardner "Experience is what you get when you're looking for something else."...Sir Thomas Robert Deware. Unleash Windows
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