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Aug 19, 2009
May 14, 2009
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from NY

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Aug 19, 2009
    1. CrazyComputerMan
      Hello, Bea's husband, Always thinking of Sweet Bea in many times, I kept her of my attempt drawing when she shows the drawings on the forum. Hope your all well :)
    2. Prinnylynn
      Hi Ben, it'sbeen months since I have logged in. I hope this little note finds you in good health. Drop me a line and let me know how things are in your world.
    3. Cheeseball81
      Thinking of you Ben. Havent heard from you in some time.
    4. Prinnylynn
      Hi Ben, I hope this little note finds you in good health. I had been away from the sight for a bit, just busy with work and the like. I found myself thinking of you and Bea on my return, hence my writing. Hope you enjoy the holidays. Hugs.
    5. Beas shadow
      Beas shadow
      Thanks Nicole. It's one of the ways I am choosing to share our lives with those who were there to support my Bea. Thank you for your continued support Nicole. It all adds up to be a welcome help.
    6. Cheeseball81
      Love all the pictures you put up, Ben!
    7. Beas shadow
      Beas shadow
      Thanks Val. It was the day we both looked forward to, and she was over the moon about it. So was I. Miss my Bea.
      By the way more pic's to come.
    8. valley
      Ben. I love the profile picture you uploaded. She looked like Greta Garbo in that picture. What a happy day for you both. :)
    9. Beas shadow
      Beas shadow
      Thank you Ashes, BlackMirror & Twin. She spoke lovingly of all of you.
      Bea was the heart of Gold that I prayed for. God delivered!
    10. Beas shadow
      Beas shadow
      Thank you Nicole, Bea loved you like a daughter. You were a soft spot in her heart.
      I do really thank you all for being good positive spirits of support for my wonderful, wonderful wife Beatrice. aka Honey bunny baby, aka Bea-G, aka Big Baad Bea!
      I miss her more than I can truly say in any way shape or form. I loved her sooo much it cannot be measured by man's standards.
      Thanks all...
    11. Cheeseball81
      Thinking of you, Ben....
      Missing Bea everyday.
    12. ashes@work
      [email protected]
      Hugs Ben. Thinking of you & your family. Bea will never be forgotten.
    13. Blackmirror
      Bea was a fantastic lady she is missed xxxx
    14. twinofangelize56
      Welcome to TSG..... Bea will lovingly be missed and remembered dearly. I hope you find comfort in the many threads that Bea was a huge part of. Her words were definitely an inspiration to many.
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