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    Solved: IE can only open https:// sites

    After trying all of the above with no success, I used the old "What was the last thing you did while it was working?" She had downloaded and installed Skype then bought a phone and re-installed Skype from the CD that came with the phone. I removed the VoIP and Skype software, then...
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    Solved: IE can only open https:// sites

    This is a new one for me. My mom brought her laptop over, complaining that she can't get online. I am able to get any https:// site to open normally, but it immediately gives the "This page cannot be displayed" screen any time I try to go to a http:// address. Applications that have their...
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    Suspected Power Supply Burnout

    Aargh ... typing too slow! Stores like Fry's, CompUSA, BestBuy, or Staples are examples of places that are likely to have what you need. Also small, local computer shops will be able to help.
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    Suspected Power Supply Burnout

    By my figuring, your setup probably draws ~220 Watts peak. Your 200 Watt p/s wouldn't be able to reliably drive everything you listed. It may blow up or it may just politely stop working (depends on its quality). A quality power supply that meets your needs (I'd recommend at least a 350 Watt...
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    Sound Doesn't work for three days

    Was there any new software installed just prior to the sound quitting? Does the sound system still show up in the device manager? Are there any yellow exclamation marks in the device manager? Have you checked the speakers or tried headphones? Also, there are a few different sound solutions...
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    Suspected Power Supply Burnout

    Since it was a Powmax, plugging anything into it was too much :) A quality 400 Watt p/s should be able to handle the load you described. If you like the case, go buy a good power supply and you're set. If you want a different case, return it, but don't get the same case with the same p/s or...
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    Recover JPG's from VCD?

    I haven't upgraded hardware, so I haven't upgraded software. I'm still running Win98se. Yeah, we experimented with some other pictures ... works just fine when you tell Nero it's data :)
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    Recover JPG's from VCD?

    First of all, thanks for your help!! I've been busy with work and school and family, so I've just now been able to get back to this. The back-up work was actually done by my mother and my original post was based on what she told me. Now that I've actually got my hands on the CDs she...
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    Recover JPG's from VCD?

    A while back I tried to archive some .jpg files that I had taken with my digital camera. I used Nero Express and selected the "Media (Pictures and Video)" option and burned the pictures onto a CD. I have since deleted some of the original files, figuring I had a backup of them. The software...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to write to 'C' drive

    First, watch your start-up messages. Does your BIOS detect the drive? If it does, try FDISK. If not, open it up and re-seat the cables and try again. IF BIOS still does not detect the drive, it may be time for a replacement. Does the FDISK utility see the C: drive? If it does, you can...
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    MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2!

    Have you got any other USB devices working on this computer? If this is your first one, the support for it may not have been turned on yet. What chipset is on your MoBo? Do you have a USB root hub in Device Manager? One thing to try ... next time you attempt an install of the software, use...
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    [SOLVED] operating system won't load correctly

    I haven't tried this trick with ME or XP yet, but for Win95 and Win98 it works great. I'll step through for Win98, since that's what I know. Should be similar for the newer OS'. The CD is bootable, so boot using the CD. It will get you into DOS mode with a ramdrive loaded with utilities...
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    cd-rw drive

    Most CD-RWs like to be master of the IDE channel. Either move your existing CD-ROM to the primary IDE channel as a slave (and set the CD-RW as master) or change the jumpers on your CD drives so the CD-RW is master and the CD-ROM is slave. Brian
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    8 hours straight of computer powering on and off... yikes! [long]

    You mentioned that you installed drivers etc. I was wondering if you got the latest MoBo chipset drivers, or at least the same ones you had on originally. If your chipset drivers are installed incorrectly, you can usually still install video, sound, etc, but have a very poorly performing...
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    secondary IDE error

    I had a similar experience when I put in my new CDRW. I switched my old CD-ROM to the primary IDE so the burner would be all alone on the secondary. My HDD is a Mode4 device and refused to share the IDE channel with my Mode2 CD-ROM. I double-checked all jumpers and cables, but the CD-ROM just...