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    Deleted a key from the registry!

    Hi, This may be a better solution to your problem because you don't need to reinstall your windows.
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    Windows update

    search for the drivers over the internet. use your model numbers
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    can't delete Mcafee

    i think there is also a default administrator user. you can try this to solve your problem. I suggest you to uninstall it using cmd by right clicking cmd and clicking on Run As Administrator. here are a number of methods for this uninstall...
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    BLAUPUNKT Endeavor 800 ng Firmware

    Hi, i have the BLAUPUNKT Endeavor 800 ng tablet. It is stucked while booting. I tried pressing volume and power button together and reached at the recovery mode. I tried restoring factory but it doesn't complete rather it gets restarted after a while. I also delete cache etc but no good. The...
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    Sony DVD receiver hbd-tz130 problem

    Two things: First, i am not in US Second, i briefly read the source you mentioned. I measured neutral to ground voltage and it is less than 1.5 Volts, so still not an issue
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    Sony DVD receiver hbd-tz130 problem

    i have viewed the manual. only one thing that is strange for me is that when i place the voltage tester over the metallic parts of the receiver, it shows voltage (glows). When i set multi-meter to AC Volts and put on probe to the metallic part and other to the earth, it shows 80 volts. what...
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    Sony DVD receiver hbd-tz130 problem

    Hi There, -----------------PROBLEM BACKGROUND----------------------- I have Sony DVD receiver with speakers and sub woofer. Its AUX cable was touched by someone and he had a great shock. After that, the cable was not working while rest modes like USB, DVD were working and it was still running...
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    Web Design Basics

    Hi, I am a beginner for web designing. I created a website and now i want to add a page for chat purposes in it. I am taking help from here: my problem is that, even i know basics of html and...
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    screen resolution

    hey bro, as i know, your screen resolution depends upon your computers built-in or external video card. i suggest you to go to device manager, then click on display adapter. there you will find your driver (like mine shows NVIDIA xx). double click over it and another window will come. click on...
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    Matlab problem

    i want to plot these points in the graph. X=[2 4 6 8 10 12 14] and Y=[14.5023 17.8997 20.7429 22.9984 24.6559 25.7291 26.2550] now when i plot these points using plot(x,y) command, it gives a curve...:( i want to draw a straight line which should intersect maximum number of points. i know i may...
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    Solved: Cdr and vdr

    what are the limitations of voltage divider rule (VDR) and current divider rule (CDR)...? please i want fast answers with logical reasons and mentions source if possible....
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    Solved: how to get more features with new edition of windows 8.1 ?

    yeah. you are right. i think this is best procedure for it. thanks a lot
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    Solved: how to get more features with new edition of windows 8.1 ?

    whoever reading this please help me.i have installed windows 8.1 and activated it by using product key but this key is not working when i clicked on get more features with new edition of window. when i put the key, it says, this key does not work , please enter another. help me please...
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    Solved: Hyper Olympics guide needed

    hi, i am playing very old and popular game namely Hyper Olympics. It comes on nes console. I hope everyone now-a-days can remember that. Now the problem is that , when i start single player or two players A/B , then at the start of the game (100 m dash) my player doesnt start running. he stays...
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    Solved: need for linux

    Thanks to both Terry and Dave... Terry's solution was comprehensive and wide while Dave's one was smart... Both helped me and I prefer Puppy Linux for my laptop... I find it suitable for that.... Thanks to both of you