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    Wifi Will Not Stay Connected

    Since it is doing the same thing on multiple networks, you can rule out it being the wifi. It has to either be the wireless card or wifi driver. Also, how close are you to the wifi router? I had an issue with my wifi being in the basement, so we added an extension adapter, now it runs perfect.
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    When does it make sense to add a seperate network?

    I'm wondering what the benefits are of having multiple networks. It seem that it would be easier for administration for all the devices to be on one network. At what point does a company need two networks?
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    Setting up a small business network

    Hello everyone, I've been asked to setup a small business network. The company currently has two sites, but could be expanding into more sites. The main site has about 40 employees, and the remote site is 10 employees. From what I've gathered, correct me if I'm wrong, this is how a basic...