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    no sound when importing video into movie maker

    hi guys, I am importing my holiday pics from my panasonic camcorder via usb cable into windows movie maker. when it captures it i can hear sound on the video recorder but when it has imported it onto the computer and i start editting it there is no sound. I can import music internally from a...
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    windows movie maker problems

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I transferred it by connected a usb cable ( i dont know what firewire is Sorry!) and just following the instructions that came up. I think it actually "recommends" what speed or quality or whatever to do this. Again when i put it ontop dvd with...
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    windows movie maker problems

    firstly thankyou for replying. i have a computer with 512 MB ram. my camcorder is a panasonic digital camera model NV GS27 mini DV. when i upload it onto movie maker the software kind of splits up the film for me and then i drag them on the time line. I dont know how to "merge" them. i am...
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    windows movie maker problems

    I have down loaded my summer holiday from my camcorder and i am trying to edit it. problem is the movie make keeps either freezing or not responding (message comes up) and takes forever to do anything if anything at all. it has taken me about 8 hours to do a few minutes worth of film. any ideas...
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    help me make a xmas card with the computer please

    hi , i would like my four year old twins to design a xmas card which we can scan onto the computer. i would then like to print a xmas card for relatives, anyone got any ideas of how to do this or what software i need . preferably free software. thanks xx
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    has my computer got virus called WINFAST

    We recently had a power cut whilst my computer was on. When the power was restored the computer now starts up with a big logo on the screen called WINFAST (R) in big red letters. It then tells me to press F1 to continue or other instructions before my windows logo comes up and i can start using...
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    can someone help technophobe please

    hi, i have for the first time tried to import some video from off my video camera onto the computer using windows movie maker and then playing it back on nero. the only problem is that when i play it back i get a small frame of about 4 inches square and the picture quality if ok but when i...
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    win 32 virus

    help i have a message from norton anti virus that i have a win 32 virus on the computer. it cant delete it / repair it or anything and and its sending my computer mad. is there a free and preferably easy way to get rid of the virus please.........
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    no disc in drive ??? but there is one in!

    Hi i am trying to copy some photos onto a disc but when i try and copy them the wizard says there is no disc in the drive. there clearly is and it is recognising other discs. it sometimes also says put a writable disc in or the disc is full but i have used these discs befire with no problem...
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    int explorer pop ups---how to stop them

    any one out there know how to stop the internet explorer pop ups./ you know the ones POKER DATING blah blah blah. seem to spend half the time on the computer closing them down. thanks in anticipation .....
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    How do I print multiple images on A4 -xp

    thanks guys . what would i do without you.... and i love the cat ...etc ect x
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    How do I print multiple images on A4 -xp

    thick question coming up , sorry guys. how do i put several different pictures onto an A4 size paper. i only usually want one photo on one sheet but now i want several as the paper i am using is expensive. How do i do it. I have XP and cant seem to figure it out. I can copy several photos that...
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    can you help. my photos have gone

    hi, i took my puter into pc world for a new driver and when it came out it appears a file full of photos has gone. they are not in the dustbin and they dont appear when i do system restore. does anyone know where i can retrieve them they must be there some where arent they???????? thanks
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    xp how to update driver????????

    hi, i have purchased a fab new printer epson stylus r300 but the print quality is not as good as it should be. the trouble shhoting guide says to make sure i have got the updated driver. does any one know how i update my driver so the printer works properly. my computer is about 4 years old so i...
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    newbie wants help makin mp3 i think

    ok i will burn them as "data if some one could just tell me how to do that. also if i wanted to just burn an audio cd again to a blank cd (just copy it) do i have to click it back to a WMA file?