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    Computer keeps rebooting

    I figured that it was probably due to the SB Audigy but I already have the newest drivers--there are only 1--and I also have the newest Via drivers.
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    Computer keeps rebooting

    No I dont have a raid--I have reformatted my computer just yesterday and I am getting the same error everytime.
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    Computer keeps rebooting

    My computer keeps rebooting for no apparent reason. It will sometimes do it right away or it will reboot after a few hours. It is getting real old especially when it happens while I am playing games online. It is not a heat issue because I have my computer case off and a fan blowing into it. The...
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    SB audigy and joystick port question

    My audigy card has no plug in for a joystick port but it came with a seperate device that you can plug your joystick into. The problem is I have no idea where to plug the ribbon into. Can anyone help me out?
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    Sound Blaster Audigy

    anybody know when this will be in stores?
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    I need help flashing my bios

    I need some help flashing my bios. I have an abit kt7 mobo and the newest bios file kt73r saved on a floppy disk. Now my question is how do I get into pure dos mode on windows 2000?
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    Getting BSOD, need some help

    I keep getting a BSOD when I try to play wwiionline online. There are no problems when I play the game off line. The game will load and once I am about to go into the game world screen it says "Error OD: 0070: 0000ffff. Anybody know what this BSOD means? Is it my graphics card, winme, the...