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from Jyväskylä, Finland

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Mar 2, 2014
    1. ErrorProxy
      Does anyone know where I can contact BG-0?
    2. Farctow
      Thanks for all the help mate!
      Btw, a hail from Brazil to Finland the land of THE BEST metal ever!
    3. antech
      How can one join from ever since 01 Jan 1970?
      BTW,My age is 17
    4. dustyjay
      Hey BG-0 Could you take a look at this thread? He is trying to build a Hardcore Gaming computer for $600 US. You seem to be the person whose Gaming Hardware recommendations I find best so I thought you could give him some suggestions. I am not a gamer of any kind so I can only give him some Performance help.

      TY in advance

    5. Nebastion
      24 Gigs Of Ram.................... Oh Dear........... Id be Happy with a quarter of that.
    6. Nebastion
    7. Viperseye2
      Hi, thanks for the help you gave me, really appreciate it=)
    8. Compiler
      hey BG-O....

      Here is a tip for you to help others... As you know and tend to agree... we have our price points preferences for PSUs. $35 / $50 / $90+ Mine has been Thermaltake / OCZ / Corsair in those brackets.

      I'm changing my "budget" PSU from the 430 watt Thermaltake to the 300watt Seasonic. While both have their wattage, its the AMPs that still count and the Seasonic has more 12v rails than the Thermaltake - which is important for modern computers.

      Here is the info:
      Seasonic 300 =
      [email protected],[email protected],[email protected], [email protected],[email protected],[email protected] (Big fan - low noise) $38 ($5~10 more than Thermaltake)

      TT 430 =
      [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
      (Huge 5v rail... not needed - very weak 12v) $36 ($24 after rebate)
    9. careygeek
      Hey BG-0 how are you donig?
    10. dettro
      hi BG u solved a prob regarding a front audio connection , i have a similar board but with different pins from the casing , i have posted this question,,,,,, please help.....
    11. watcher6342
      i need some help
    12. Prozakk
      hey man just a question regarding your reply Circa: 19-Feb-2009, 10:04 PM on my question about what i should upgrade to above my Ati Radeon 4850.
      i was wondering exactly how much of an upgrade the Geforce GTX260 would be?
      i've priced the card and at around 229.99US dollars i don't wanna be buying it for a small upgrade. I want there to be alot of bang for my buck.
      Also the gtx280 should i look into getting or is that just a tiny overpriced upgrade?
      get back to me on here or even email me at [email protected]

      Thanks for all your help mate.


    13. potentialyscrewD
      because the non raided drives are reagular eide or ide or whatever not sata i need a sata port free
    14. kwabeno
      hello BG-0, i need help with my portable usb mp3 player it looks like an ipod shuffle. when I insert it to my laptop it says no disk and I am not sure what the problem is but i think I am not having access to it please help me
    15. scarry3
      Thanks for the help with my computer. Your a life saver so that power supply will work. With the size of it will it fit in my comaq presario sr2020nx series computer. Thanks for answering my question.
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