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    How to extract text from multiple emails into Word

    I've never seen software which will do what you want. I believe someone with the programming skills could write a program to do what you want. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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    Dashlane or Last Pass?

    Your asking for an opinion so I'd say Last Pass is the best password manager. I've used it and know of many others using it. If you do switch, my best guess is you can import your Last Pass data to Dashlane.
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    Stuck on aptio utility screen laptop won't boot up

    Hi Panman - You problem has got me stumped but I want to share my thoughts. First, if you get a password screen not familiar to you, I'd wonder if something nasty has gotten in your computer - you might be infected. You said, "If i press any button it just repeats the message" - that is because...
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    Help aspire one won't go to main screen

    Hi - I'm not clear on what you see when you start your computer; do you see your normal desktop? Or does the 'repair' process start right away? Are you doing anything with your computer when the repair screen appears? If this is a new problem which just recently occurred and especially if you...
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    monitoring the quality of an internet connection

    My belief is you'd best be served by getting a service technician out to your place of business so they can check the strength of your connection. Internet service provides have special hardware for this purpose. The WireShark software is at the top for checking network traffic, collecting...
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    Laptop wont connect to inernet but other devices can

    Forgive me but you do need an IP to connect to a network. If you're not being assigned an IP, then the resets I suggested could resolve the problem.
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    Recommendation for a great router?

    My preference is the Linksys EA6900. It has a dual band feature, the new AC technology and has been available long enough it's cost has come down. With the one I've been using for over a year, I'm able to easily connect to my laptop, smartphone, Apple TV and Amazon Firestick all at the same...
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    Laptop wont connect to inernet but other devices can

    It sounds like your laptop is not being assigned an IP. Try shutting down you laptop, unplug both your modem and router from the wall. Wait about 60 seconds then plug you modem back into your power outlet. Once it is up (all the lights are on) plug in your router. Once your router has completed...
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    Solved: Boot Question

    I'm exhausted from looking. I think I like the Antec 600 best then XFX 550 , SeaSonic550 and Roswill 550. I think any of these would work fine I'm just making sure which will fit!
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    print spooler error 0x800706b9:

    That's a bugger. To me it does not sound like a virus but rather a conflict with one of your drivers or programs. I don't know what kind of PC or Operating System you are using but put the manufacturer name/model into Google then add "hidden recovery partition" - it should be a "F" key but may...
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    Solved: Boot Question

    Thank you ever so much for your guidance. I was beginning to think power supplies were like refrigerators - how do you know which 22" is best? Hotpoint, GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, etc? Except for the shelving arrangement, they all seem to be very similar except of course for Sub Zero. I...
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    Solved: Boot Question

    Hi Rich - I do have AMD HD7770-PCIE-2GB-CO Radeon HD 7770 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express PCIe DVI video card the size of a VHS tape. I was thinking more in the lines of 600watts or maybe 650. I've been looking at Corsair 600, Antec TP-650, Startech 630 among others. I must admit I'm no expert when it...
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    Solved: Boot Question

    Hi Rich - Actually I was thinking that the BIOS or psu could be the problem. I believe you are correct - I need to upgrade my power supply. It is only 450 watts I think and is at least a couple years old. I did not know they degrade - news to me. Even if the power supply is not the issue, it...
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    print spooler error 0x800706b9:

    Hi - First let me admit I've not read all the links you provided. You did say this issue occurred after a Windows update and Webroot installation. Have you tried uninstalling the Windows updates then reboot? You might try that because you can always reinstall. Same goes with Webroot. Because...
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    group policy client service failed at logon win 8,1

    I found a page which appears to answer your problem. Have a look and see if it helps. group policy client service failed at logon win 8,1