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    Windows 7 SP1 problem

    LOL Valis! Too bad I don't have the original, I wouldn't be worrying about pc's! If you do research it and come up with anything let us know please :) No, Trevor I didn't but I did check to see if there was an updated chipset driver released after the pc was made and there wasn't.. So in...
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    Windows 7 SP1 problem

    Thanks for your reply Trevor.. I did try Speedfan but it didn't help.. I tend to agree that it may be a driver issue, but Acer (e-machines) doesn't offer any fan drivers on their support site. And of course there aren't any listed in 'device manager' to roll back. I have since sent the laptops...
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    Windows 7 SP1 problem

    Hello guys.. I've run across an issue that I have never seen before and has me baffled. A lady brought me both her kids laptops and said they were both randomly shutting off.. They are emachines E528's. I naturally thought it was a heat issue and sure enough it is. The fans were not running. So...
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    windows 7 to xp pro

    Go to Device Manager and see if your Network cards show yellow exclamation marks. If so then you don't have the proper drivers installed. You will need to go to either Toshiba's or the network card manufactors support site and get Windows XP drivers if they have them. Good Luck.
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    Opinions Please

    OK! Well I want to thank everyone for the insight.. I kind of get the hint Windows 7 might be in my stocking so I wanted to hear from you guys. I hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks again, Bill
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    Opinions Please

    Hello all.. Just looking for opinions and advice.. I've been running Vista for 3 years and never had an issue..(I know I'm in the minority but it's served me well). My question is are then any REAL differences to justify upgrading? I know they took off some features that came with Vista, but...
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    Is there something up with my memory?

    Try running this neat little program: It will remove all the accumlated junk and then you may see more free space.. Also after running it defragment your HD.. If that doesn't help then you may need to scan for spyware/malware. Good...
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    Screen Saver Problem In Windows XP

    First off with todays new screens and techology screen savers are a misnomer.. They don't 'save anything' and are mosty for convenience. The new lcd screens rarely if ever have 'burn' just from being left on. But some people (myself included) like a screen saver just for entertainment.. At times...
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    How do I format my Hard drive??

    Put your XP cd in and let it go through the steps as if you were going to re-install. When you get to the option where you can delete all partitions do that.. Then Format the drive anew. After the drive is formatted it will automatically restart before installing the OS. Remove the XP cd and...
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    Hard drive failer

    Hello and Welcome! From your description it doesn't sound like a classic hard drive failure. Have you tried starting the pc in safe mode?
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    Audio Device Problems

    Thanks for the message on the other post dlsayremn.. Saint Jimmy, you don't show any audio card in device manager.. plus you say you switched from Vista back to XP.. it may very well be that there aren't XP drivers for your system.. you will need to go to ACER's support site and find out.. or...
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    Audio help!!!

    Have you checked device manager to make sure your sound card is listed and there aren't any yellow exclamation marks?
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    Solved: VHS size to DVD size

    Most software and even self-contained VHS to DVD units have settings for that..Tapes that are 8 hours long were recorded using the slowest speed and the quality isn't the best.. using a slow enough speed to copy the whole tape on a DVD will lesson the quality even more. It will actually look...
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    Solved: dell inspirion 1501 user password

    Per TSG rules: Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed. My suggestion is to use the restore partition or...
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    Solved: New 1600x900 monitor won't show full screen

    Hello and Welcome! No, you're not 'screwed'.. you have a couple of options.. you can either take the monitor back and ger a 'square one' or install a new video card that will support the resolution of your new one. If you decide to upgrade your video card open the case and check as to what...