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    Maxtor 5000DV Drive Suddenly Unusable

    I have XP Professional SP1 and a Maxtor 5000DV external 120 gig drive. A few days ago it started to have problems reading the directory so I did a scan in My Computer Manage and it fixed some things and seemed OK. Earlier today I was able to see files on it but it was very slow bringing them...
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    Dell Dim 2400-USB failure-processor lemon?

    Dear Pierre1001: I just bought a Dell 4700 for a client and the Firewire port on the Audigy 2 does not work. I've given up on them altogether and am going to buy my PC's from Velocity Micro now (PCMAG Editor's Choice - mid range PCs - Novembe 2004). Cheers! Kathryn
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    Norton Internet Security 2005 Nightmare

    I've always been a fan of Norton products but when I recently upgraded to their 2005 product it tooks literally over an HOUR to install and after it was finally installyed my machine became so incredibly SLOW I had to uninstall it. Can anybody recommend another anti-virus program that won't...
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    Dell Dim 2400-USB failure-processor lemon?

    PROBLEM SOLVED! I rebuilt the machine yesterday with the original Dell XP disks and drivers and all problems disappeared so it WAS a software issue caused SOMEHOW by Norton Security 2004. I'd still like to understand how Norton Security 2004 (probably the firewall) was able to kill all the...
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    Dell Dim 2400-USB failure-processor lemon?

    Dear Lurker1: Yes, the message is "BUG CODE USB DRIVER". We saw that twice when shutting down before the USB ports stopped working altogether. It's EXTREMELY INTERESTING that you mention Norton Anti Virus or firewall because the slowness starting just after we installed Norton Security...
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    Dell Dim 2400-USB failure-processor lemon?

    Yes, I've run AdAware with the latest definitions, Norton Anti-Virus with the latest definitions. Nothing. I've done an exhaustive scandisk, nothing. The machine said "USB bug code" several times before the USB system failed. ..
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    Dell Dim 2400-USB failure-processor lemon?

    I have a friend who has a Dell Dimension 2400 with a Celeron Processor (2.2 GHz, Bios version A02, Processor OID F29) where none of the USB ports work. She got an error the other day saying something about USB and the next day none of the USB ports would work. A few days prior to this the...
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    URL link not working in Outlook Express

    I have a small but frustrating problem. In my version of Outlook Express 6.00.26, when I click on a URL link in an email sent to me, it does not automatically open up the IE browser and go to the site. I am receiving HTML emails and in the Options I have "rich Text" selected for sending emails...