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28, from Mumbai, India

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Sep 19, 2012
    1. buginson
      LOL, yeah but i'm loosing mine now bit by bit. I use DAX wax on it, the most potent stuff i've ever used. Has the consistancy of candle wax only sticky. Works a treat but the ladies dont like to put their hands through you hair when you use it. lol!
    2. Tankmaster
      I know blitzkreig means Lightning war in German.The successful German tactic of rapidly advancing armored forces and massive air support.Blitzkrieg was named so because it included surprise attacks, "Lighting fast" rapid advances into enemy territory, with coordinated massive air attacks, which struck and shocked the enemy as if it was struck by lightning. The German military in World War 2 achieved most of its great victories with the Blitzkrieg tactic.

      I learned this in School!
    3. flavallee
      I'm 63. I'm not old enough yet to join the "Medicare" bunch.
    4. flavallee
      She's my greatgranddaughter and is 8 months old now. My daughter is 34 and my granddaughter is 16. Talk about feeling old!
    5. perfume
      Dear blitz,
      Thank u!Bastille day chief guest was your PM!
    6. ekim68
    7. ketsueki13
      Only enough to say "Ich spreche kein Deutsch."
      And that I am a jelly donut...
    8. ketsueki13
      Thanks. She thinks she's cute, too. *laughs*
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