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    Can't access a website I'm sure is live!

    As to the second one, I get a message that there was a fire at the 'hosting facility' and many of the servers are still offline. As to the first, I had no problem getting to it - whats wrong ????????/
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    Problem in attaching anything

    What error message(s) if any are you receiving ?
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    Solved: AVG email scan problems

    To emdeekay, keep it off permanently.
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    Solved: AVG email scan problems

    Hi emdeejay, STOP ! The first thing that needs to done is UNINSTALL AVG8. Clean AVG from program lists. Now REINSTALL AVG8 BUT do a 'custom install and UNCHECK email scanning' . Why - it seems the MS-MVPs from the MS ngs always recommend this because it is known to create the type of problems...
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    healthy notebook computer running slow

    Since it has always been slow and is getting worse, sounds like it has always been 'short on ram' and needs an upgrade to at least 512mb if not 1gb of ram.
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    Solved: Reboot probems, ERRORS INCL.

    Hi balls, What process or procedure are you attempting to run that triggers the error ?
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    Could anyone to explain to me what these files are? And could I delete them Safely

    To Lockeyp, What is the full pathname to the 'bin' file ? IE which bin file ?
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    Need solution for a slow system!!!

    After using Ccleaner, do a defrag because constantly changing projects tends to fragment a hd all to hell.
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    Removing Winflip

    Since it wasn't installed and runs just by clicking on the downloaded file, there is no uninstall file. So just what you downloaded.
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    Can't access wikipedia

    What is the full exact wording of the error message ?
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    SpywareGuard is of almost ZERO value because it hasn't been updated in 4 yrs and therefore that far OUT-OF-DATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't the various assorted IDIOTS keep recommending it !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    download problems

    How are trying to download it ? Are you using a 3rd party download manager or the default MS download protocol ?
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    IE: some addresses open, some don't

    Could you give an example(urls) of some that work and some that dont ?
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    Two explorer.exe files in process list, Windows directory, etc.

    What new things have you installed lately - say in the last 4-8 wks ?
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    Two explorer.exe files in process list, Windows directory, etc.

    Hi Nanase, What are the hardware specs of your pc, what version of operating system are you running, what antivirus and what firewall ?